Access TonnoSport Tonneau Cover for T100/Tundra 8' 1" | ACC238280

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  • Access TonnoSport Tonneau Cover
  • Catalog Number: 22050119Z
  • Most economical Access cover
  • Roll-up style truck bed cover
  • Low profile, sits only 1/2" above truck bed box
  • Fits: Toyota T100, Toyota Tundra (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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Access TonnoSport for T100/Tundra (22050119Z) Tonneau Cover

Part Fitment List:

Please use our fitment tool above to determine fitment. Additional notes may be required.

2000-2006 Toyota Tundra Base Fleetside 8' 2" Bed Length
2000-2004 Toyota Tundra SR5 Fleetside 8' 2" Bed Length
1995-1998 Toyota T100 Base Fleetside 8' 1" Bed Length
1996-1997 Toyota T100 DLX Fleetside 8' 1" Bed Length
1995-1996 Toyota T100 SR5 Fleetside 8' 1" Bed Length
1995-1995 Toyota T100 DX Fleetside 8' 1" Bed Length
1995-1995 Toyota T100 One-Ton DLX Fleetside 8' 1" Bed Length
1993-1994 Toyota T100 Fleetside 8' 1" Bed Length

Toyota T100 soft roll-up tonneau cover

The Access Tonnosport 22050119Z tonneau cover is quite flexible and easy to use. Simply roll it over the truck bed to close it and roll the cover up to open it. It fits like a glove on the truck and generally looks great.

1/2" profile over truck bed

It's half-inch low profile over the truck bed is hardly noticeable. It gives the truck a smooth contoured look and some classy appeal.

Automatic latching dual locking system

The automatic latching locking system is convenient and reliable. The cover locks automatically when pulled over the truck bed and is released instantly when one of the two latches on either side are pulled.

Sliding locks on each side of the truck bed

The Access Tonnosport 22050119Z tonneau cover comes with two slide locks on each side to boost the security of cargo in the truck bed. They are easy to use; push to lock and pull to open.

Velcro hook and loop locking system

The hook and loop system consists of strong velcro strips that lock firmly to keep the cover on the Toyota T100 truck bed and protect your cargo. It can also be easily operated by one person.

Easy-tuning tension adjustment dials

The cover also comes with tension adjustment dials that can easily be turned to tune the cover's tension. Thet helps increases or reduce the cover's tension to suit the prevailing temperatures. This helps maintain the cover's quality and appeal.

Water-proof seals

There is a waterproof seal on all four sides of the truck bed that prevents the entry of water and other weather elements into the truck bed. This prevents the cargo in the truck bed from damage.

Firm storage straps

To maintain the quality and look of the cover, there are two strong nylon straps that come with it. These should be used to hold the cover when it is rolled up to prevent it from beating against the crew cab.

Firm-grip clamps

The Access Tonnosport 22050119Z tonneau cover comes with three model-specific clamps for each side of the truck bed. They are easy to install and attach the cover firmly to the truck bed.

Saves on fuel

When your Toyota T100 is in motion, the wind gets into the truck bed and exerts a force that pulls it behind. As a result, it consumes more fuel. With this Access tonneau cover, the wind drag is reduced and you save up to 10% on fuel costs.

Full truck bed access

You can easily access the entire truck bed by simply rolling up the cover and tying it down with the storage straps. This makes it easy to haul large items.

Extra support rods

The cover is attached to strong rods at the bottom which are firmly attached to the tonneau rails. This helps the cover support any extra weight such as snow without bulging in. They maintain its quality, sturdiness and appeal.

Made in the USA

This Access tonneau cover is made in the USA with premium materials and high-end technology. It is durable, authentic and generally, it is the perfect choice for your Toyota T100.

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