Alloy Wheel Replacements

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Stock Wheel Replacement

If you need to replace your stock wheels, look no further than Part Catalog’s selection of stock wheel replacements. We stock both new and remanufactured (which is just as good as new) wheels to replace your damaged or aging stock wheel.

These alloy replacement wheels meet or exceed all safety requirements. Lug nuts and center caps are not included.

New vs Remanufactured maintains a selection of both new and remanufactured wheel replacements. Remanufactured wheels have been reconditioned and will look like new.

These alloy replacement wheels meet or exceed all safety requirements. Lug nuts and center caps are not included.

How to select a wheel replacement

  • Verify the diameter and width of your existing wheel matches the product notes.
  • Do a visual comparison against your existing wheel - it must match the style shown in the picture.
  • Count the number of lug nuts on your existing wheel and compare it to the photo.
  • Confirm the color is the color wheel you need - the picture may be different!
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Limited Lifetime Warranty Collision Products


Your part is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed. The Limited Lifetime warranty includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use. In the event of a failure the manufacturer will repair or refund the purchase price at the manufacturer's option. To make a claim, you must provide proof of purchase to your place of purchase, or the business which installed the part, and a new part will be provided without charge. Reimbursement of installation labor, if incurred as a result of the failure of the part, must be pre-approved by the manufacturer.


This warranty does not include any costs involved in installation (without pre-approval) nor does it cover failure or perforation resulting from accident, damage, abuse or improper installation. This warranty does not apply to commercial vehicles. *Chrome plated aluminum wheels have a one year warranty.


Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

The following part numbers are available in this product line:
ALY03459U65 ALY63929U30 ALY65217U10 ALY03578U20 ALY02253U85N ALY02253U80N ALY70273U78 ALY70273U20 ALY65806U20 ALY02301U85 ALY02267A85 ALY02267A20N ALY02267A10N ALY02267U88 ALY02267A20 ALY02267A10 ALY02167A85 ALY02167A85N ALY02167A80 ALY02167A80N ALY99347U20 ALY99347U78 ALY02167B80 ALY70741U20 ALY70727B20N ALY63907A10 ALY65289U85 ALY63907U20 ALY03504U20 ALY03504U10 ALY03504U10N ALY65288U20N ALY65288U78N ALY65288U85 ALY63907U10 ALY03367U10 ALY03367U95 ALY03367A10 ALY69395U10 ALY69395U85 ALY69455U85 ALY69455U20 ALY58771U78 ALY02145U10 ALY63874U20 ALY58787U20 ALY09044U20 ALY03549U35 ALY03549U80 ALY03519U85 ALY03519U20 ALY05298U85 ALY02187U20 ALY02187U20N ALY03140U85 ALY03140U10 ALY03140U80 ALY69348A85 ALY69314U35 ALY63885U30 ALY69418U20 ALY69314U10 ALY69346A10 ALY69348A10 ALY63885U10 ALY69348A30N ALY69348A10N ALY02239U20 ALY59224U10 ALY03703U10 ALY70727A20N ALY70727A20 ALY70727U20 ALY59219U10 ALY02265U20 ALY02212A85 ALY02212A10 ALY02248U45 ALY02248U97 ALY02135U10 ALY65147U10 ALY68156U10 ALY70241U10 ALY63885A30 ALY69346U85 ALY69395U16 ALY69346U10N ALY69346U10 ALY63895U20 ALY59648U10 ALY69348U30 ALY69348U30N ALY69348U85 ALY69348U10 ALY70242U10 ALY03261U85 ALY03261U10 ALY03261U30 ALY99075U85 ALY09041U20 ALY99175U20N ALY02248A45 ALY02212U85 ALY02212U10 ALY02062U10 ALY67246U95 ALY59405U30 ALY69769U20N ALY69769U20 ALY59434U20 ALY70226U10 ALY58740U85 ALY59314U10 ALY59255U10 ALY59353U10 ALY59353U10N ALY69736U10 ALY09028U85 ALY09028U85N ALY09028U55 ALY09028U20 ALY09028U65 ALY64237U20 ALY99443U20 ALY99442U20 ALY03375U20 ALY03375U10 ALY03375U80 ALY03375U85 ALY03549U20 ALY70778U20 ALY06600U85 ALY06600U78 ALY06600U20 ALY06632U88N ALY05300U85 ALY65323U85 ALY02263U85 ALY02293U85 ALY02285U85 ALY69498U78 ALY65323U78 ALY02293U20 ALY02285U10 ALY05311U80 ALY02263U80 ALY05306U85 ALY05306U10N ALY05306U80 ALY05306U80N ALY74209U85 ALY74209U78 ALY09007U10 ALY03645U80 ALY03645U50 ALY03645U30 ALY03474U10 ALY03474U80 ALY03474U20 ALY05329U85 ALY05326U85 ALY01676U10 ALY03471U20N ALY65485U78 ALY65484U78 ALY69814U20 ALY69814U35 ALY69814U35N ALY03378U25 ALY03378U15 ALY03378U40 ALY99744U20 ALY09038U15 ALY09038U30 ALY09038U20 ALY09038U95 ALY03174A85 ALY03174A10 ALY03174A20 ALY06627U20 ALY06627U80 ALY03378U20 ALY03378U10 ALY03378U80 ALY01158U10 ALY01154U10 ALY59141U10 ALY03192U85 ALY03192U10 ALY05135U85 ALY05135U20 ALY59192U10 ALY63893U10N ALY59342U10N ALY59342U10 ALY03147U30 ALY03449U85 ALY03449U20 ALY03449U10 ALY03225U10N ALY99221U45 ALY99222U45 ALY74642U45 ALY01654U45 ALY06504U45 ALY74639U45 ALY05010U45 ALY05469U90 ALY02137U45 ALY05413U45 ALY69751U45 ALY59415U45 ALY03589U45 ALY03194U45 ALY01320U45 ALY01726U45 ALY09069U45 ALY05187U45 ALY05187U45N ALY01740U10 ALY62341U10 ALY01607U45 ALY05015U45 ALY74618U45 ALY65335U45 ALY58749U45 ALY09053U45 ALY99863U45 ALY99168U90 ALY05053U45N ALY05053U45 ALY03750U80 ALY02238U88 ALY02136U45 ALY03438U45 ALY59570U45 ALY05064U45 ALY06303U45 ALY59290U45 ALY01045U45 ALY01045U80 ALY59405U45 ALY01605U45 ALY01508U45 ALY05006U45 ALY09013U45 ALY03232U45 ALY01475U45 ALY01646U45 ALY04502U45
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