Ash Trays

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What is an Ash Tray?

An Ash Tray is a small receptacle designed to hold the ashes and other byproducts of smoking cigarettes or cigars.

What is the purpose of an Ash Tray?

The purpose of an Ash Tray is to provide a convenient place to dispose of ashes and other byproducts of smoking.

How do I know if my Ash Tray is faulty?

If your Ash Tray is damaged or not functioning properly, you may notice that it is difficult to insert or remove the ashtray from its holder, or that ashes and other debris are not collecting properly in it.

Can a faulty Ash Tray cause damage?

Yes, a faulty Ash Tray can cause damage to your vehicle. If the Ash Tray is not functioning properly, it may cause the ashes and other debris to not collect properly, which can cause build up and potential damage to your vehicle’s interior.

How do I replace my Ash Tray?

To replace your Ash Tray, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the old Ash Tray from its holder.
  2. Place the new Ash Tray into the holder.
  3. Secure the Ash Tray by tightening the screws or clips.