AVS Bugflector Hood Deflector for Chevrolet/GMC | AVS18453

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  • AVS Bugflector Hood Deflector
  • Catalog Number: 23021
  • Fits: Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet C10, Chevrolet C10 Suburban, Chevrolet C20, Chevrolet C20 Suburban + 40 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)
  • Color: Smoke

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AVS Bugflector for Chevrolet/GMC (23021) Smoke Hood Deflector

Product Specifications:

  • Color Group: Smoke
  • Color/ Finish: Smoke
  • Drilling Required: Yes
  • Hood Or Fender Protector: Hood Only
  • Installation Location: Behind The Grille
  • Installation Type: 3M Tape
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Mounting Type: Mounts Raised
  • Profile Style: Low To Medium
  • Wrap-Around: No

Fitment Chart:

1989-1991ChevroletR1500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1989-1991ChevroletR2500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1989-1991ChevroletV1500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1989-1991ChevroletV2500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1991ChevroletBlazerMedium Profile
1987-1991GMCR1500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1991GMCR2500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1991GMCR3500Medium Profile
1987-1991GMCV1500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1991GMCV2500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1991GMCV3500Medium Profile
1981-1991GMCJimmyMedium Profile
1987-1988ChevroletR10 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1988ChevroletR20 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1988ChevroletV10 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987-1988ChevroletV20 SuburbanMedium Profile
1987ChevroletR10Medium Profile
1987ChevroletR20Medium Profile
1987ChevroletV20Medium Profile
1987ChevroletV30Medium Profile
1987GMCR1500Medium Profile
1987GMCR2500Medium Profile
1987GMCV1500Medium Profile
1987GMCV2500Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletC10Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletC10 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletC20Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletC20 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletC30Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletK10Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletK10 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletK20Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletK20 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletK30Medium Profile
1981-1986ChevroletK5 BlazerMedium Profile
1981-1986GMCC1500Medium Profile
1981-1986GMCC1500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986GMCC2500Medium Profile
1981-1986GMCC2500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986GMCC3500Medium Profile
1981-1986GMCK1500Medium Profile
1981-1986GMCK1500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986GMCK2500Medium Profile
1981-1986GMCK2500 SuburbanMedium Profile
1981-1986GMCK3500Medium Profile



Bug deflecting Chevrolet Blazer hood shield

Your AVS 23021 Bugflector Hood Shield is designed to shield your hood and windshield from debris blown by the wind and splattering insects. It also helps keep your shield free of scratches and chips from bugs and debris

Impact modified acrylic material

This hood shield will serve you for the longest time possible. This is because of the impact-modified acrylic which is very tough and has long-lasting durability. The material also has high resistance to wear and tear.

Custom fit design

The hood shield is custom fit to match your hood's contours and achieve a perfect fit with your vehicle. The custom-fit design also creates a medium aerodynamic profile which does a great job at reducing wind drag.

Easy no-drill installation on your Chevrolet Blazer

The installation of AVS 23021 Bugflector Hood Shield is quite easy and quick. It requires a few basic tools and does not need any drilling. It also does not require any additional hardware besides the ones provided. To make the process even easier, an installation guide is provided.

Car wash safe

You don't have to remove the hood shield before washing your vehicle. This is because it is car wash safe and does not get damaged when driving through a car wash.

Limited lifetime warranty

The hood shield is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing you of a longlasting use, and preventing you from incurring the cost of repairs or replacement of defective material.

Made in the USA

AVS 23021 Bugflector Hood Shield is made in the USA using top-grade material and unbeatable craftsmanship, ensuring you get the most out of your money. Your Chevrolet Blazer will thank you!

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