AVS Original Window Visors for 2011-2018 Volkswagen Jetta [Front & Rear Set, Smoke] | AVS101628

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Fitment Info

  • AVS Original Window Visors
  • Tape-on installation outside your window channel
  • Allows cool air in, keeps rain out
  • Catalog Number: AVS101628
  • Fits: Volkswagen Jetta (check fitment chart for compatibility)
  • Set/Pieces: Front & Rear

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AVS Original Window Visors for 2011-2018 Volkswagen Jetta (94985) [Front & Rear Set, Smoke]

Product Specifications:

  • Color Group: Smoke
  • Color/ Finish: Smoke
  • Installation Location: Outside Channel
  • Installation Type: Tape-On
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Quantity: Set Of 4
  • Style: Aerodynamic

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBody TypeNotes
2018VolkswagenJettaSSmoke; Outside Mount
2018VolkswagenJettaSESmoke; Outside Mount
2018VolkswagenJettaSportSmoke; Outside Mount
2018VolkswagenJettaWolfsburg EditionSmoke; Outside Mount
2012-2018VolkswagenJettaGLISmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2018VolkswagenJettaSELSmoke; Outside Mount
2015-2017VolkswagenJettaSmoke; Outside Mount
2014VolkswagenJettaComfortSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2014VolkswagenJettaComfort TDISedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2014VolkswagenJettaHighline TDISmoke; Outside Mount
2014VolkswagenJettaHybrid SEL PremiumSmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHighlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHybridSmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHybrid ComfortlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHybrid HighlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHybrid SESmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHybrid SELSmoke; Outside Mount
2013-2014VolkswagenJettaHybrid TrendlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2012-2014VolkswagenJettaTDI PremiumSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2014VolkswagenJettaSSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2014VolkswagenJettaSESedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2014VolkswagenJettaTDISedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2014VolkswagenJettaTrendlineSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2013VolkswagenJettaComfortlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2013VolkswagenJettaSportlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2013VolkswagenJettaTrendlineSmoke; Outside Mount
2012VolkswagenJettaComfortline TDISedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2012VolkswagenJettaHighline TDISedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2012VolkswagenJettaComfortlineSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2012VolkswagenJettaHighlineSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011-2012VolkswagenJettaSportlineSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011VolkswagenJettaBaseSmoke; Outside Mount
2011VolkswagenJettaTDI ComfortlineSedanSmoke; Outside Mount
2011VolkswagenJettaTDI HighlineSedanSmoke; Outside Mount


Original AVS window deflectors

Volkswagen Jetta AVS Original window deflectors

The AVS original window deflectors are made to keep the rain, snow and dust out of your Volkswagen Jetta while you drive. They also block the sun and let in some fresh air. The Original design fits outside of the window channel and applies with 3M automotive grade tape.

Sleek and streamlined look

Sleek and streamlined look

The vent visors (Set #94985) are also made with a sleek design that gives your car a classy look. They are streamlined to reduce wind drag and improve your car's aerodynamics, consequently helping you save on fuel.

Custom fit design

Custom fit design for your Volkswagen Jetta

The visors are custom made for your Volkswagen Jetta. They are cut with great precision to make sure that they fit like a glove, with not an inch too big or small.

Available for both rear and front windows

Smoke, front & rear

The AVS original window deflectors (Set # 94985) are made for your front & rear and come in smoke color finish.

Easy no-drill installation

Easy no-drill installation

The visors are easy to install. They require no drilling and can easily be mounted on with the double-sided 3M automotive grade tape. They also come with detailed instructions that will help you get it done in a few minutes.

Premium grade material

Premium grade material

The AVS 94985 visors are made with high-quality impact-resistant acrylic that can withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. They are durable, flexible and will stay strong to serve you for years.

Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

AVS provides a limited lifetime warranty with every purchase of the vent visors. This covers defects due to manufacturing or workmanship.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

The AVS original window deflectors are proudly made in the USA with authentic OEM quality material. They are crafted by experts using cutting edge technology to make sure that you get the value for your money.

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