BAK Vortrak Tonneau Cover for 2017-2019 Nissan Titan 8' 2" | BAK235131

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BAK Vortrak Tonneau Cover | R25523

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2017-2019 Nissan Titan S Styleside 8' 2" Bed Length
2017-2019 Nissan Titan SV Styleside 8' 2" Bed Length


Retractable Nissan Titan tonneau cover

BAK R25523 Vortrak Tonneau Cover is an all-new tonneau cover that combines convenience, functionality, and style in protecting your cargo from thieves and the elements. It glides smoothly to stow neatly in a spring-loaded canister and it has a release cable that facilitates its easy opening. The cover can close in two additional locations for flexible hauling and it lays flush on the truck bed to create a sleek, aerodynamic look.

Virtually indestructible aluminum slats construction

Vortrak is constructed from 1/2" thick aluminum slats that are super tough and can withstand harsh conditions presented by the elements. This solid construction can stand up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

Matte black finish

The tonneau cover comes in a matte black finish, which is not only stylish but also adds a layer of protection to the aluminum slats, to offer additional protection against the elements

Maximum security for your Nissan Titan

The cover can only be operated when the tailgate is open. This means that thieves will not be able to break into your truck bed, so long as you close your tailgate.

Maximum convenience and Ease of use

For maximum convenience and ease of use, BAK R25523 Vortrak Tonneau Cover is fitted with a spring-loaded canister into which the cover glides whenever it is opened. The cover also has a release cable which you need to pull when you want the cover to open.

Multiple locking positions

Besides the two obvious options of fully opening or closing the cover, you can also lock the cover in two additional locations of your choice.

Low profile on your Nissan Titan

This cover will not create any obstruction to your rear visibility. It lays flush with the truck bed to create an aerodynamic appearance that will be virtually invisible when you are driving. The low profile is also neat and sleek.

Improves your Nissan Titan's fuel efficiency

When closed, BAK R25523 Vortrak Tonneau Cover will prevent wind from hitting the insides of the truck bed and so prevent wind drag. with little to no wind drag, your fuel mileage will significantly improve.

Drain tubes

The little water that will find its way into the truck bed will not reach your cargo but will be channeled out by the drain tubes that come with the tonneau. This will keep your truck bed dry all the time.

Easy clamp-on installation

Installing the cover is as effortless as can be. It comes with 4 clamps that eliminate the need for drilling and so make the process easy and quick.

Protected against defects

BAK R25523 Vortrak Tonneau Cover is protected by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects both in material and workmanship.

Made in the USA

BAK products are fully American made using authentic materials. The manufacturing process is done and supervised by experts who ensure the products are up to standards and have zero malfunction or the probability of that.

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