What’s the benefit of pre-painted fender flares?

The benefit of purchasing pre-painted fender flares is merely that of convenience.  When you purchase a new set of painted fender flares, you're eliminating all of the following steps:

  • Locating accredited local body shops
  • Receiving quotes from each body shop for the best price
  • Taking 2 trips to the body shop - one to drop off the flares and another to pick up the flares once they are painted.
With the TrueEdge Pre-Painted Fender Flare option you can check out on our website selecting the exact color that you need.  Once ordered, your flares are sent to a professional painter and ship out automatically to your door.  This process only takes 3-4 business days and you'll have your flares at your doorstep soon after.
Because the fender flares are painted to order, you can choose any color that you want.  Most customers choose to paint their flares the same color as their truck.  However, if you have a custom paint job, custom accessories or a two-tone paint job, you can choose to have your flares match a different color.
The cost to paint TrueEdge fender flares is on the very low end of what you can expect to pay a local, licensed body shop ($300+).
If you do decide to paint your fender flares yourself or choose to have your own body shop paint the flares, please remember to check fitment first before having them painted.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.