Bilstein B8 5100 Shock Absorbers

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  • Monotube design
  • Designed for use with lowering springs
  • Large-diameter shock
  • Vehicle specific tuning
  • Multi-layer zinc finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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    • Monotube design for fade-free performance on and off-road
    • Designed for use with lowering springs to improve contact with road and vehicle handling
    • Patented digressive valving reacts instantly to changing road conditions to ensure maximum comfort
    • Superior handling and performance offered by the large-diameter shock body
    • Vehicle specific tuning ensures top performance
    • Sturdy construction for long-lasting durability
    • Multi-layer zinc finish offers high resistance to harsh conditions
    • Smoothest ride with minimal vehicle movement
    • Guaranteed defects-free and long-term use with the limited lifetime warranty

    Monotube design

    All vehicles come with the standard shock absorbers to prevent excessive bouncing and uncontrollable movement. But, these shock absorbers are only meant for the smooth roads, but when your vehicle passes a bump or a pothole, they will not prevent it from bouncing multiple times and causing discomfort. This is not the case with Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers, made with Bilstein's monotube design. This design provides fade-free performance on and off-the-road to ensure minimal vehicle movement and less bouncing.

    Designed for use with lowering springs

    The shock absorbers are designed for use with lowering springs and this is a plus for two main reasons. Lowering springs help keep the wheel in more stable contact with the ground, and this improves vehicle handling and reduces tire wear. Lowered springs also allow you to keep your vehicle's sporty lowered height which is not only classy but also trendy.

    Patented digressive valving

    On or off-road, Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers will help you maintain your ride quality. This is all thanks to the patented digressive valving which reacts instantly to changing road conditions and maintain stability. So, whether you are cruising down the smooth highway or a bumpy mud road, your ride will hardly be affected.

    Large-diameter shock

    Compared to the standard shock absorbers, Bilstein B8 shock absorbers have larger diameters. This means increased volume and better damping.

    Vehicle specific tuning

    The shock absorbers are fine-tuned and individually tested using a very rigorous process to ensure they offer the best performance.

    Sturdy construction

    These shock absorbers are sure to last you a very long time without cases of leaking or rusting, thanks to the tough and sturdy construction.

    Multi-layer zinc finish

    After a careful and thorough construction, the shock absorbers are then coated with a multi-layer zinc finish, which ensures they remain intact with no chances of rusting or corrosion.

    Minimal vehicle movement

    With all the advanced technologies used in Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers, starting with the monotube design, the patented digressive valving and the large diameter, these shock absorbers will ensure minimal vehicle movement and ultimately the smoothest ride.

    Limited lifetime warranty

    Bilstein offers a limited lifetime warranty on the shock absorbers as a guarantee of their impressive functionality and top quality.

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    The following part numbers are available in this product line:
    24-062107 24-062466 24-064576 24-065276 24-065283 24-066464 24-067379 24-100144 24-146708 24-146715 24-185257 24-185264 24-185400 24-185417 24-185493 24-185509 24-185523 24-185530 24-185615 24-185622 24-185639 24-185653 24-185660 24-185684 24-185745 24-185752 24-185776 24-185783 24-185929 24-185943 24-185950 24-186018 24-186025 24-186216 24-186223 24-186513 24-186636 24-186643 24-186681 24-186704 24-186728 24-186735 24-186742 24-186766 24-186773 24-186810 24-186827 24-186872 24-186957 24-186971 24-186995 24-187060 24-187077 24-187084 24-187107 24-187152 24-187169 24-187183 24-187190 24-187206 24-187213 24-187237 24-187374 24-188180 24-188197 24-191203 24-196468 24-218023 24-218030 24-225441 24-236942 24-238878 24-238885 24-239455 24-249966 24-251747 24-251754 24-251778 24-253161 24-253260 24-265874 24-267021 24-268639 24-274951 24-274999 24-275002 24-276061 33-061399 33-066868 33-151618 33-151632 33-151663 33-151670 33-185514 33-185545 33-185934 33-186009 33-186887 33-187174 33-187228 33-187280 33-187297 33-187471 33-187501 33-225807 33-236957 33-236964 33-238319 33-238555 33-247717 33-247724 33-253190 33-253237 33-255057 33-256764 33-268996
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