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  • Long tube header
  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Bolt-on installation
  • One million mile warranty

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    • Improves horsepower and torque on high-rev vehicles and track terrors
    • Bent areas do not crease, kink or collapse and so ensures long durability
    • Highly resilient and will withstand the test of time
    • Made to resist the elements that may cause corrosion and so offer long-lasting durability
    • Installation does not require drilling and instructions are provided to guide you
    • Warrantied against defects in material and workmanship

    Long tube header

    Every motoring enthusiast will appreciate the performance of Borla Long Tube Header. Like all long tube headers, it has longer port pipes that build a ton of power in the mid to high RPM range, which is precisely what you need for your high-rev vehicle or track terror. It significantly boosts the horsepower as well as improve fuel economy and oxygen intake, to give you an exciting drive experience.

    Mandrel-bent tubing

    The tubes are mandrel-bent, and this means there are zero chances of the bent points creasing, kinking, or collapsing and you can be sure of the longest usability period.

    Resilient stainless steel construction

    Installed, the tube header will be exposed to several damaging elements. However, with the stainless steel construction, you can rest assured no element will cause any damage to it and that it will remain in perfect shape. This stainless steel construction is also sound-absorbing and will keep you within the strict noise requirements.


    The rust and corrosion-resistant features of Borla Long Tube Header enable it to remain in its perfect condition for the longest time, without succumbing to the elements.

    Bolt-on installation

    This tube header requires a bolt-on installation with no need for drilling. A detailed, step-by-step manual is also provided to guide you through every step.

    One million mile warranty

    Borla offers a one million mile warranty on every Borla Long Tube Header you purchase, to assure you of its defects-free performance and material.

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    One Million Mile Warranty

    Borla warrants its products to the original purchaser of record and for the original vehicle on which the product was installed, against defects in materials and workmanship for one million miles for non-moving parts.

    The following part numbers are available in this product line:
    17019 17034 17039 17062 17081 17236 17249 17260 17261 17269 17272 17276 17278 17286 17289 17290 17292 17293
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    Chevrolet (1967-2018)

    Camaro, Corvette

    Dodge (2015-2017)


    Ford (2011-2017)

    F-150, Mustang

    Jeep (1988-1999)

    Cherokee, TJ, Wrangler

    Plymouth (1970)