Bushwacker Street Style Fender Flares

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    Bushwacker Street Fender Flares give your truck a "street" look - ideal for lowered or sport trucks - while also giving you extra coverage for larger tires.

    • Made in and distributed from the USA and includes a limited lifetime warranty
    • Manufacturer exclusive material with over 40 years of production experience
    • Leader in the industry for fender flare production in terms of durability, performance and design
    • Bushwacker makes their fender flares to include an OEM black matte finish
    • Bushwacker fender flares give tires extra protection against road debris
    • Fade resistant to withstand damage from exposure to direct sunlight over time

    The addition of Bushwacker Street fender flares to your truck, SUV or Jeep make your truck look sleek and stylish. The main purpose of fender flares is to help protect your vehicle’s fender area and tires while driving over rough terrain.

    Bushwacker prides itself on expert craftsmanship and the confidence to stand behind the products made at their facility. With over 4 decades in the business of manufacturing fender flares, Bushwacker created its own material, Dura-Flex 2000 TPO. It is combined with ABS plastic and a UV protectant to create the strongest street style fender flares available.

    Not only does Bushwacker make a strong product, their customer service also ranks among the best. Their customer service staff is available to answer your questions to ensure that you are purchasing the right product for your vehicle. Your satisfaction is a priority with Bushwacker.

    Withstands Off-Road Abuse

    The suspension of a vehicle is what takes the brunt of the pressure when off-roading. A lot of force is extended upward toward the front fender of a vehicle, given where the axles are located. Installing fender flares helps absorb some of that shock and helps prevent damage to the fender area.

    Designed for rough terrain use, a few bumps and minor interactions with walls, trees and boulders are to be expected. The integrity of your Bushwacker Street Style Fender Flares will not be compromised in the event of a minor loss of control. With fender flares in place, driving through the woods to get to your hunting perch is an easily accomplished task. The flares will take the beating from nature.

    Manufacturer Made Material

    Bushwacker developed its own material for making their industry leading fender flares. This material is called Dura-Flex 2000 TPO. Within that material is the inclusion of ABS plastic and UV protectant. The combination of these three elements makes a strong end product that consumers can feel confident installing on their vehicles.

    This combination of materials is what makes the fender flares UV damage resistant, warp resistant, crack resistant and chalking resistant.  You can prove this fact to yourself by taking photos of the fender flares every 6 months and comparing them. You will not notice a difference in the color or general appearance of the flares.

    Impeccable Durability

    The durability of Bushwacker fender flares may have you taking them off when you scrap your truck. That just says how long the construction holds up. Although the strong durability of the flares makes them look heavy, their construction is rather lightweight. One person can easily install them without assistance.

    While durable, the flares maintain a flexible status to move with the vehicle and flex while installing. When debris hits the fender flares, you might expect to see cracks and holes. That is not the case with Bushwacker fender flares. These flares take the hit and keep on going without showing any signs of damage.

    No-Drilling Necessary Installation

    The installation of Bushwacker Street Fender Flares is rather simple. To ensure a flawless installation takes place, the manufacturer includes a very detailed instruction manual. The installation manual also includes images to demonstrate each step.

    The installation mounting kit includes all of the materials required for the job. You will have to bring your own tools for this project. A seal is part of the kit and its function is to make sure that a tight fit takes place and moisture/water does not seep in between the flare and the vehicle body.

    Adds to the Factory Design

    Bushwacker Street Fender Flares add to the factory design of the truck they are installed on. This particular style flows well with the body styles it is designed for. This manufacturer takes the time to carefully inspect the design of the vehicles it designs fender flares for. Matching the shape and dimensions of the vehicles the flares are for to look as if the vehicle rolled off the showroom floor with them on is a true craft. A matte black finish gives truck, SUV and Jeep owners a bit of variety to break up single color paint jobs to direct your eyes to the fender flares directly.

    The properly designed flares enhance the exterior design of your truck. It also protects the tires from punctures from road debris. The flares also help to reflect debris away from the inner fender wells and keep road salt/additives off of the fender well area. This helps keep rust from forming in this area of the truck.

    Fade and Crack Resistant

    Plastic, especially black plastic, is known to fade from extended exposure to the sun. Even after years of continued exposure, Bushwacker Street Fender Flares will not fade. A UV protectant is added to ABS plastic to prevent fading.

    Another benefit of the Bushwacker exclusive Dura-Flex TPO material is that it is designed to be crack and warp resistant. The hottest and coldest temperatures do not compromise the integrity of the material. The fender flares are likely to last longer than the vehicle they are installed on given the expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials used to make them.

    Bushwacker Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The Bushwacker Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to manufacturer and material defects. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear from normal usage of fender flares within their intended use. Bushwacker is not required to comply to warranty claims where it is evident that the damage or malfunction occurred from improper use of the product. This warranty is offered in lieu of any other implied warranties.

    Bushwacker Styles - Comparison Table

    Boss Pocket Style An extra aggressive, tough, bolted look
    Cut-Out Style Bolted look for aggressive tires
    Extend-A-Fender Style Extra wide tire coverage
    Flat Style Made for Jeeps, provides extensive coverage
    OE Style Provides a look similar to stock trucks
    Pocket Style A tough, bolted look
    Street Style Stylish, focuses on street-worthy looks

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    Bushwacker, Inc. warrants its products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the ORIGINAL consumer against any defects resulting from workmanship or materials. This warranty applies when the product is used under normal conditions for the purpose for which the product is designed, and does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage related to odification/alteration, accident, misuse, improper care or repair, negligence, or the installation of additional attachments. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILTIY. In no event shall Bushwacker be liable for direct, indirect, or incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of the product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

    For Warranty consideration; the following information is required:

    Name Address Phone #, Bushwacker part # installed, Mold Base number, vehicle year/make/model, description of defect, Proof of purchase.


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