CCI Chrome Mirror Cover Set

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Instant styling with a CCI Mirror Cover

Complement your existing chrome trim with a Mirror Cover from CCI. Made of ABS plastic and chrome plated for a long-lasting shine. Some applications have options for full cover, top half or bottom half. Installs quickly and easily over your OE mirror using the supplied 3M automotive grade tape.

High-quality, durable materials

Made with OE-approved ABS plastic and chrome plated. This mirror cover is designed to last for years and will complement your vehicle for as long as you have it. The 3M automotive grade tape will keep the mirror cover in place and looking great.

Easy-to-install, fast-to-use

Installed conveniently using a direct fit with pre-applied automotive-grade tape, you won't have to spend a lot of time or feel any frustration when you easily install these on your truck, car, SUV or van. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
CCIMC67319 CCIMC67422 CCIMC67472 CCIMC67473 CCIMC67301 CCIMC67302 CCIMC67303 CCIMC67304 CCIMC67306 CCIMC67307 CCIMC67308 CCIMC67309 CCIMC67310 CCIMC67312 CCIMC67313 CCIMC67314 CCIMC67316 CCIMC67317 CCIMC67318 CCIMC67320 CCIMC67321 CCIMC67331 CCIMC67400 CCIMC67401 CCIMC67406 CCIMC67407 CCIMC67408 CCIMC67410 CCIMC67411 CCIMC67412 CCIMC67416 CCIMC67417 CCIMC67418 CCIMC67419 CCIMC67420 CCIMC67421 CCIMC67423 CCIMC67424 CCIMC67425 CCIMC67427 CCIMC67429 CCIMC67430 CCIMC67432 CCIMC67433 CCIMC67434 CCIMC67435 CCIMC67436 CCIMC67437 CCIMC67438 CCIMC67440 CCIMC67441 CCIMC67441T CCIMC67446 CCIMC67447 CCIMC67450 CCIMC67452 CCIMC67457 CCIMC67458 CCIMC67460 CCIMC67461 CCIMC67464 CCIMC67467 CCIMC67468 CCIMC67470 CCIMC67471 CCIMC67474 CCIMC67476 CCIMC67477 CCIMC67478 CCIMC67479 CCIMC67480 CCIMC67481 CCIMC67483 CCIMC67484 CCIMC67485 CCIMC67486 CCIMC67487 CCIMC67492 CCIMC67405 CCIMC67465 CCIMC67466 CCIMC67305 CCIMC67311 CCIMC67415 CCIMC67402 CCIMC67428 CCIMC67442 CCIMC67463 CCIMC67404 CCIMC67443 CCIMC67303X CCIMC67310X CCIMC67482 CCIMC67491 CCIMC67490 CCIMC67314X CCIMC67409B CCIMC67301X CCIMC67314T CCIMC67409A CCIMC67413T CCIMC67426 CCIMC67462 CCIMC67469 CCIMC67475 CCIMC67502 CCIMC67501 CCIMC67503 CCIMC67500
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