CCI Stainless Steel Pillar Post Covers

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Add some style to your car with CCI Pillar Post Covers

Add some style and give your car an upgraded look with stainless steel pillar covers from CCI. If your vehicle’s pillars bear scratches, marks, dings and dents, you can cover them with CCI’s pillar covers within minutes for a flawless, upmarket look.

Made with high quality materials

The pillar covers are made from 304 grade polished stainless steel for a perfect mirror-like shine. Following every contour of your vehicle’s pillars, these covers stick to the pillars using pre-applied 3M tape for a secure installation. The peel and stick application is very long-lasting, but can be removed if needed.

Purchase with confidence - backed by a limited lifetime warranty

These pillar covers offer significant benefits over cheaper offerings that are made from plastic. The stainless steel covers can resist scratches and different weather conditions like no other product. It won’t rust when exposed to water or lose its luster over time. CCI backs this product with a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
CCIPC/205 CCIPC/206 CCIPC/207 CCIPC/208 CCIPC/209 CCIPC/2105 CCIPC/2107 CCIPC/2108 CCIPC/211 CCIPC/2112 CCIPC/2117 CCIPC/2118 CCIPC/2119 CCIPC/212 CCIPC/2120 CCIPC/216 CCIPC/217 CCIPC/228 CCIPC/229 CCIPC/231 CCIPC/236 CCIPC/238 CCIPC/239 CCIPC/240 CCIPC/246 CCIPC/248 CCIPC/252 CCIPC/253 CCIPC/255 CCIPC/256 CCIPC/257 CCIPC/258 CCIPC/259 CCIPC/260 CCIPC/261 CCIPC/262 CCIPC/266 CCIPC/267 CCIPC/268 CCIPC/269 CCIPC/271 CCIPC/272 CCIPC/273 CCIPC/277 CCIPC/279 CCIPC/282 CCIPC/283 CCIPC/284 CCIPC/286 CCIPC/400 CCIPC/402 CCIPC/404 CCIPC/406 CCIPC/407 CCIPC/408 CCIPC/409 CCIPC/410 CCIPC/411 CCIPC/412 CCIPC/413 CCIPC/414 CCIPC/415 CCIPC/416 CCIPC/417 CCIPC/418 CCIPC/419 CCIPC/421 CCIPC/422 CCIPC/423 CCIPC/424 CCIPC/426 CCIPC/428 CCIPC/430 CCIPC/431 CCIPC/432 CCIPC/433 CCIPC/435 CCIPC/436 CCIPC/437 CCIPC/438 CCIPC/439 CCIPC/440 CCIPC/441 CCIPC/442 CCIPC/443 CCIPC/444 CCIPC/445 CCIPC/446 CCIPC/447 CCIPC/448 CCIPC/449 CCIPC/450 CCIPC/451 CCIPC/452 CCIPC/453 CCIPC/454 CCIPC/455
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