Courtesy Light Bulbs

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What is a courtesy light bulb?

A courtesy light bulb is a small lightbulb used to illuminate the interior of a vehicle. These bulbs are typically found in the overhead light fixtures, the area around the glove box, and inside the trunk.

What is the purpose of a courtesy light bulb?

The purpose of a courtesy light bulb is to provide additional visibility to the interior of the vehicle. This makes it easier to locate items in the dark, as well as providing a safer environment to enter or exit the vehicle.

How do I know if my courtesy light bulb is faulty?

If the bulb is not illuminating, it may be faulty. To test the bulb, try replacing it with a new one. If the new bulb works, then the original bulb was faulty.

Can a faulty courtesy light bulb cause damage?

Yes, a faulty courtesy light bulb can cause damage to the vehicle's electrical system. If the bulb is left in too long, it can short out the electrical system, resulting in further damage.

How often should I inspect my courtesy light bulb?

It is recommended to inspect your courtesy light bulb at least once a year. Check for signs of wear or damage and replace the bulb as needed.

How do I replace a courtesy light bulb?

1) Turn off the vehicle's power and remove the key from the ignition.
2) Locate the courtesy light bulb and unscrew it from its socket.
3) Take the new bulb and insert it into the socket.
4) Secure the bulb into the socket.
5) Turn the vehicle's power back on and test the bulb.