Dee Zee FX Running Boards for Dodge/Ram | FX31327

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  • Includes integrated mud flaps
  • Catalog Number: Dee Zee FX31327
  • Fits: Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500, Dodge Ram 3500, Ram 1500, Ram 2500 + 1 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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Dee Zee FX Running Boards for Dodge/Ram | FX31327

Product Specifications:

  • Color/ Finish: Black Gloss Powder Coated
  • Drilling Required: Yes
  • End Cap: Yes
  • Includes Mounting Bracket: Yes - Direct-Fit Type
  • Lighted: No
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting Location: Rocker Panel
  • Type: Non-Powered
  • Used With Extra Wide Flares: No
  • Used With Mud Flaps: Yes
  • Weight Capacity (LB): 350 Pound
  • With Plug And Play Wiring Kit: No

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBody TypeNotes
2012Ram1500ExpressStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2012Ram1500Tradesman HDStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram1500OutdoorsmanStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram1500SLTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram1500SportStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram1500STStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram1500TradesmanStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram2500OutdoorsmanStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram2500SLTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram2500STStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram3500SLTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011-2012Ram3500STStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011Ram1500SXTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011Ram2500SXTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2011Ram3500SXTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 1500TRXStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 1500TRX4Standard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 2500SLTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 2500STStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 2500SXTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 2500TRXStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 3500SLTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 3500STStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2010DodgeRam 3500SXTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500SLTStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500SportStandard Cab PickupCab Length
2009-2010DodgeRam 1500STStandard Cab PickupCab Length


Both sides included + mud flaps + end caps

The Dee Zee FX31327 FX running boards are not only stylish but also very functional. They come with a front mud flap to trap and drain mud and water. They also have a black end cap.

Black non-slip step pad

The stepping surface has a non-slip stepping pad. It helps you maintain a firm grip when stepping on the board to prevent slipping.

Custom application design

The running boards are designed to be application-specific. They are made to fit your Dodge Ram 1500's perfectly - just verify your vehicle's information at the top of the page to find your set.

Heavy duty extruded aluminium

The Dee Zee FX31327 FX running boards are manufactured from heavy-duty extruded aluminium. They are strong to withstand road and weather abuse for years without breaking, sagging or bending. They are guaranteed to add value to your Dodge Ram 1500 for years after purchase.

Black powder finish

They are also furnished with a protective anti-corrosion black powder finish. This prevents rusting and extends their useful life for years so that they maintain their strength and appeal for as long as possible.

Easy to install

They can be installed easily as a quick and easy home DIY project. The boards come with clear installation instructions and custom-fit mounting brackets.

Available in two options

The Dee Zee FX31327 FX running boards are available in two options: black and aluminium. You can choose either option, depending on your taste or your Dodge Ram 1500's style.

Includes all installation hardware

The package includes all necessary hardware for installation, including the custom-fit mounting brackets and bolts. You don't need to make any additional purchases to install the running boards.

Made in the USA

Dee Zee manufactures its running boards using local labor and materials. They are processed with advanced technology and inspected by experts to make sure that you get the value for your money.

Limited lifetime warranty

The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on every purchase of the Dee Zee FX31327 FX running boards. It is a guarantee that they are free from manufacturer's defects caused by faulty craftsmanship or poor quality parts.

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