Dee Zee Rough Step Mounting Kit for Ram | DEE166362

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  • Used to install Rough Step running boards
  • Catalog Number: Dee Zee DZ15336
  • Fits: Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500 (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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Dee Zee Rough Step Mounting Kit for Ram | DZ15336

Product Specifications:

  • Drilling Required: No
  • Mounting Type: Cradle Mount
  • Compatibility: Dee Zee Rough Step Running Boards

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBody TypeLitersCylinders
2019Ram2500Lone StarCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2019Ram2500Lone StarExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2019Ram2500Lone StarExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2019Ram2500Power WagonCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2019Ram3500Lone StarCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2019Ram3500Lone StarCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2019Ram3500Lone StarExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2019Ram3500Lone StarExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500Big HornCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500Big HornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500Big HornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500LaramieCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500LaramieExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500LaramieExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram2500TradesmanCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram2500TradesmanStandard Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500Big HornCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500Big HornCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500Big HornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500Big HornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500LaramieCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500LaramieCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500LaramieExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500LaramieExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500LimitedCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500LimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500TradesmanCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500TradesmanCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018-2019Ram3500TradesmanStandard Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018-2019Ram3500TradesmanStandard Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2019Ram2500Big HornCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2019Ram2500LaramieCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2019Ram2500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2019Ram2500Lone StarCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2019Ram2500TradesmanCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2019Ram2500TradesmanStandard Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018Ram1500Laramie Limited5.7LV8
2018Ram1500Laramie Limited3.0LV6
2018Ram1500Laramie Longhorn3.0LV6
2018Ram1500Laramie Longhorn5.7LV8
2018Ram1500Special Service5.7LV8
2018Ram2500Big HornExtended Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram2500LaramieExtended Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram2500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram2500SLTCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018Ram2500SLTExtended Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram2500SLTExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018Ram2500SLTExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018Ram2500SLTStandard Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018Ram3500Big HornCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram3500Big HornExtended Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram3500SLTCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram3500SLTCrew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018Ram3500SLTCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018Ram3500SLTExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018Ram3500SLTExtended Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram3500SLTExtended Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018Ram3500SLTStandard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram3500SLTStandard Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2018Ram3500SLTStandard Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2018Ram3500TradesmanCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2018Ram3500TradesmanStandard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500Big HornCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500LaramieCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500SLTCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500SLTCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2018Ram2500SLTStandard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500SLTStandard Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2018Ram2500TradesmanCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2018Ram2500TradesmanStandard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2014-2017Ram2500Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2014-2017Ram2500Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2014-2017Ram2500Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2014-2017Ram2500Standard Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2014-2017Ram2500Standard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2014-2017Ram2500Standard Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2014-2017Ram3500Crew Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2014-2017Ram3500Standard Cab Pickup6.4LV8
2013-2017Ram3500Crew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2017Ram3500Crew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013-2017Ram3500Standard Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013-2017Ram3500Standard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013Ram2500Lone StarCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013Ram2500OutdoorsmanCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013Ram2500OutdoorsmanCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013Ram2500Power WagonCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013Ram2500STCrew Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013Ram2500STCrew Cab Pickup6.7LL6
2013Ram2500STStandard Cab Pickup5.7LV8
2013Ram2500STStandard Cab Pickup6.7LL6


For Installation of Rough Step boards

Dee Zee DZ15336 rough step mounting kit includes tough and strong mounting brackets that help you mount your rough step running boards firmly and securely. They are constructed with strength in mind to last years, and you will never have to worry about how firmly they hold your running boards. From this trusted brand, you can be assured of the best quality in the industry and nothing less.

NRT™ Black Powder Coat

The mounting brackets are covered in the manufacturer's patented NRT black powder coat finish. It helps to prevent rusting and corrosion on contact with water, snow, and other damaging weather elements.

Custom-Fit Design

The bracket kit is made to install the running boards on specific Ram 1500 models. Just verify your vehicle's information using our fitment checker above.

Easy to Install

The Dee Zee DZ15336 rough step mounting kit is easy to use. You only need to clamp the brackets on with the provided hardware. You don't need to drill your Ram 1500 (for most vehicle models) or buy any more installation hardware.

3-Year Warranty

Dee Zee offers a three-year warranty for your purchase of this mounting kit. This is a guarantee that it is made with superior quality and will perform well beyond your expectations. If you need any help with your warranty, get in touch with PartCatalog today - we are an authorized reseller and we will help you out where possible.

Made in the USA

The mounting kit is proudly made in the USA. Dee Zee is an American manufacturer that contributes to the economy by using locally sourced labor and locally obtained raw materials. Your purchase helps to create jobs for thousands of Americans every year and support the local businesses.

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