Differential Spools

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What is a differential spool?

A differential spool is a device that replaces the factory differential in a rear-wheel drive car, truck, or SUV. It locks both axles together, providing more power to both wheels, which is beneficial for off-road vehicles.

What is the purpose of a differential spool?

The purpose of a differential spool is to provide more power to both wheels of a rear-wheel drive vehicle, allowing it to better handle off-road terrain.

How do I determine if my differential spool is faulty?

Generally, a faulty differential spool will cause the vehicle to feel like it is slipping when accelerating, or cause the vehicle to vibrate or shake when turning.

Can a faulty differential spool cause damage?

Yes, a faulty differential spool can cause damage to other drivetrain components, such as axles, bearings, and gears.

How do I replace a differential spool?

Replacing a differential spool requires the following steps:

  1. Lift up the rear of the vehicle and support it on jack stands.
  2. Disconnect the axles from the differential spool.
  3. Remove the mounting bolts from the differential spool and remove it from the vehicle.
  4. Install the new differential spool and secure it with the mounting bolts.
  5. Re-connect the axles to the differential spool.
  6. Lower the vehicle and test it to make sure the differential spool is working properly.