Seat Covers for Dodge Journey

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You bought your Journey because of its versatility. You chauffeur the children and their friends to school, and you use it to carpool with co-workers. You load your tools and ladders into it when Grandma needs help with a house repair. Your multipurpose ride takes a lot, and nothing takes on more than the seats. Protect them before damage sets in with a set of stylish and functional seat covers for your Dodge Journey. You'll be surprised at the range of colors and features you see, including colors to match your interior or add eye-popping contrast, comfort layers for a more luxurious ride and storage pockets for organizing everything from documents to snacks.

Our seat cover for Dodge Journey sets fit like a second skin without sags or folds. You'll love the easy cleanup after a trip, too. Simply remove, shake and clean as instructed. Seat covers slow upholstery damage, keep your seats in pristine condition, cover existing wear and tear spots, add a great new look and cleaning is a breeze. What's not to love?