Door Latch Springs

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What is a door latch spring?

A door latch spring is a small, metal spring that is used to keep a door latch engaged, allowing the door to stay closed.

What is the purpose of a door latch spring?

The purpose of the door latch spring is to keep the door latch engaged, so that the door stays closed.

How do I know if my door latch spring is faulty?

If your door latch spring is faulty, the door latch will not stay engaged and the door will not stay closed. Additionally, if you attempt to manually engage the door latch, you will find that the door latch does not stay engaged.

Can a faulty door latch spring cause damage?

Yes, if your door latch spring is faulty, it can cause damage to the door latch, as well as the locking mechanism.

How do I replace a door latch spring?

To replace a door latch spring, you will need to:

  1. Remove the door panel,
  2. Remove the old door latch spring,
  3. Install the new door latch spring, and
  4. Re-install the door panel.