EBC Brakes S6 Bluestuff and GD Rotors Kit

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  • Angled slots on rotor surfaces
  • Anti corrosive finish
  • Organic aramid fiber construction for brake pads
  • Chamfered edges

For that efficient braking system, this brake system kit from EBC Brakes is everything that you want and need. With optimal brake pads with quality GD rotors, you are in for a great package.

This EBC Brakes system kit boasts of dimpled and slotted GD rotors that create an escape route for the debris, gases, water, and dust. It is also resistant to cracking and helps reduce the stress on the pads.

With the S6 Kits Bluestuff and GD rotors, you get the best out of a braking system. You can guarantee that the rotors will remain cool and functional even during street performance driving in all weather conditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Your vehicle deserves the best braking system for the ultimate performance of your vehicle.

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This product comes with the manufacturer's limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship only. Twelve months from date of purchase or 10,000 miles of highway use. Warranty does not cover race use, taxi/hire, track or any forms of competition.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
S6KF1000 S6KF1003 S6KF1004 S6KF1008 S6KF1009 S6KF1010 S6KF1015 S6KF1016 S6KF1024 S6KF1025 S6KF1029 S6KF1030 S6KF1032 S6KF1040 S6KF1042 S6KF1046 S6KF1052 S6KF1053 S6KF1054 S6KF1058 S6KF1059 S6KF1060 S6KF1061 S6KF1062 S6KF1063 S6KF1064 S6KF1065 S6KF1066 S6KF1067 S6KF1068 S6KF1069 S6KF1070 S6KF1071 S6KF1072 S6KF1073 S6KF1074 S6KF1075 S6KF1076 S6KF1077 S6KF1078 S6KF1079 S6KF1080 S6KF1081 S6KF1082 S6KF1083 S6KF1084 S6KF1085 S6KF1086 S6KF1088 S6KF1089 S6KF1090 S6KF1092 S6KF1093 S6KF1094 S6KF1095 S6KF1097 S6KF1098 S6KF1099 S6KF1100 S6KF1101 S6KF1102 S6KF1103 S6KF1104 S6KF1105 S6KF1106 S6KF1107 S6KF1108 S6KF1109 S6KF1110 S6KF1111 S6KF1112 S6KF1113 S6KF1114 S6KF1115 S6KF1119 S6KF1120 S6KF1121 S6KF1122 S6KF1123 S6KF1124 S6KF1125 S6KF1126 S6KF1127 S6KF1128 S6KF1129 S6KF1130 S6KF1131 S6KF1132 S6KF1133 S6KF1135 S6KF1137 S6KF1138 S6KR1003 S6KR1015 S6KR1049 S6KR1050 S6KR1051 S6KR1052 S6KR1053 S6KR1054 S6KR1055 S6KR1056 S6KR1057 S6KR1058 S6KR1060 S6KR1062 S6KR1063 S6KR1064 S6KR1065 S6KR1066 S6KR1067 S6KR1068 S6KR1069 S6KR1070 S6KR1071 S6KR1072 S6KR1073 S6KR1074 S6KR1075 S6KR1076 S6KR1077 S6KR1078 S6KR1080 S6KR1081 S6KR1082 S6KR1083 S6KR1084 S6KR1085 S6KR1086 S6KR1087 S6KR1088 S6KR1089 S6KR1090 S6KR1091 S6KR1092 S6KR1093 S6KR1094 S6KR1095 S6KR1096 S6KR1097 S6KR1098 S6KR1099 S6KR1100 S6KR1101 S6KR1102 S6KR1105 S6KR1106 S6KR1107 S6KR1108 S6KR1109 S6KR1110 S6KR1111 S6KR1112 S6KR1113 S6KR1114 S6KR1115 S6KR1117 S6KR1118 S6KR1119 S6KR1120 S6KR1121 S6KR1123 S6KR1124 S6KR1126 S6KR1127 S6KR1128
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