Engine Heaters

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What is an engine heater?

An engine heater is an electrical device designed to help warm an engine prior to starting. It is connected directly to the engine block and uses the engine's coolant to circulate warm coolant throughout the engine.

What is the purpose of an engine heater?

The purpose of an engine heater is to reduce wear and tear on an engine by increasing the temperature of the engine block and other components prior to starting. This helps the engine start faster and more reliably while decreasing the amount of fuel used.

How do I know if my engine heater is faulty?

If your engine heater is not working, it can cause problems starting your engine and can also lead to additional wear and tear on the engine. To determine if your engine heater is faulty, start your engine with the heater turned off, and then turn it on. If the engine does not start faster, the engine heater may be faulty.

Can a faulty engine heater cause damage?

Yes, a faulty engine heater can cause damage to your engine. If the engine heater is not functioning properly, the engine may not start properly or quickly, leading to additional wear and tear on the engine.

How do I replace my engine heater?

Replacing an engine heater is a relatively simple process. To replace the engine heater, you will need to:

  1. Drain the coolant from the engine block.
  2. Disconnect the wiring harness and remove the old engine heater.
  3. Install the new engine heater and reconnect the wiring harness.
  4. Refill the coolant in the engine block.