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Exhaust Mufflers

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What is an exhaust muffler?

An exhaust muffler is an integral part of a vehicle's exhaust system, and its primary purpose is to reduce the amount of noise generated by the exhaust system.

How can I tell if my exhaust muffler is faulty?

Signs that an exhaust muffler may be faulty include a loud, rumbling noise from the exhaust, decreased engine performance, and black smoke from the exhaust.

Can a faulty exhaust muffler cause damage to my vehicle?

Yes, a faulty exhaust muffler can cause damage to your vehicle's engine, since it reduces the efficiency of the exhaust system, and can lead to a build-up of exhaust gases in the engine.

How do I replace an exhaust muffler?

  1. Locate the exhaust muffler and disconnect the mounting brackets;
  2. Remove the exhaust muffler and replace with the new one;
  3. Reconnect the mounting brackets and secure the new muffler in place;
  4. Test the new muffler to make sure it is installed properly.