Extended Fender Flares - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get extended style fender flares?

If you can’t get behind the sole reason that they just look completely awesome (which they do), there are more practical, less subjective reasons to put fender flares on your truck that will satisfy the left side of your brain.

They can protect your truck from damage, hide ugly damage your truck has already sustained, and in some parts of this great nation there are legal reasons to have extended fender flares as well.

How do extended fender flares protect my truck?

Trucks were not built to be driven exclusively on paved roads. You have to have a little fun and wheel around in the dirt sometimes. When you drive on an unpaved road you’re going to get dirt and mud flung all over truck. This is a pain to clean off. You can also kick up more damaging debris like rocks which could scrape off some of your paint.

So the logic here isn’t too hard to understand, is it? Bigger fender flares will block more of the mud and other your debris from kicking up and hitting your truck. With extended fender flares, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of constantly cleaning off mud. More importantly, without extended fender flares you could sustain rust or body damage that will be expensive to repair. Paying upfront for extended fender flares will save you money down the road because you won’t have to pay for costly bodywork.

What are the legal reasons for getting extended style fender flares?

It all comes down to the size of your tires. If you have stock tires you probably don’t need to worry about being legally obligated to change your fender flares. But if you’re one of those good ol’ boys with custom tires that are oversized for your truck body, you can run into some problems.

In some states, it is against the law for your tires to extend past your fender. This is because, as we mentioned above, driving off-road is going to send a lot of debris flying everywhere. The thing is, this debris does not possess the intelligence to know it’s rude to splatter on other people’s trucks and property. So the debris you kick up is going to affect other people, especially if your fenders don’t cover the entire wheel.

Click here for a state-by-state guide to help jumpstart your research. Find out if your state requires big tires be covered up by big fenders. If so, buying extended style fender flares is a no brainer. You always want to stay on the right side of Johnny Law. If your state does not require any fender extension for oversized tires, you may want to consider it anyway. The savings in prevented debris damage will more than make up for the cost of extended style fender flares, and if you have monster-truck-sized tires, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of debris.

How much do extended style fender flares cost?

As with everything truck accessory related, it all depends on the brand of the product and the make and model of your truck. For a full set of front and rear fender flares, please see here for pricing.