How can I be sure the fender flares will match my truck?

As far as fitment is concerned, if you use our Year/Make/Model tool, we guarantee that your fender flares will fit and match your truck.  Our fender flares are not universal – each fender flare model is different so that it works and looks great on your truck.

All fender flares come standard in black, whether it is smooth or textured.  The standard black looks great on ALL truck styles – and is an economical way to get your truck styling and road legal. Popular brands include Bushwacker, TrueEdge, EGR and Lund Elite.

If you’re interested in a color matched fender flare set (to match your truck’s body or trim color), take a look at the TrueEdge Fender Flare line.  The flares will be shipped to you already painted to match your truck’s color.

How can you be sure the color will match?

The color is matched using computer matching technology – we use the color code you tell us during the checkout process to paint the flares any factory color.  If you need help finding your color code, simply click here for our color code guide. 

If your truck’s color has faded over time (too much sun?), your painted fender flares may appear newer than the rest of your truck since they are painted fresh.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.