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What is a fender?

A fender is an automotive part that is mounted to the front and rear of a vehicle and designed to protect it from mud and debris.

What purpose does a fender serve?

A fender serves a few purposes. It is designed to protect the vehicle from mud and debris, and also to provide a streamlined look to the vehicle.

How can I determine if my fender is faulty?

If you notice any rust or damage to the fender, it may be faulty. You can also check the alignment of the fender to make sure it is properly mounted to the vehicle.

Can a faulty fender cause damage to my vehicle?

Yes, a faulty fender can cause damage to the vehicle. If the fender is not properly aligned or is rusted, it can cause damage to the vehicle's body and paint.

How do I replace a fender?

Replacing a fender is a fairly involved process that requires several steps. The steps to replace a fender are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the battery and remove the wheel from the affected side.
  2. Remove the old fender and all associated components.
  3. Install the new fender and any associated components.
  4. Reinstall the wheel and reconnect the battery.