Fox Racing 2.0 Performance Coil-Over IFP Shock Absorbers for 2012-2017 Ford Ranger | FOX226450

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Fox Racing 2.0 Performance Coil-Over IFP Shock Absorbers for 2012-2017 Ford Ranger | FOX226450

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Ford Ranger (2012-2017)

Coil-over performance shock absorbers

Fox 983-02-085 Performance Coil-Over Shock Absorbers are designed and engineered primarily to allow you to have a comfortable on-road ride in your Ford Ranger as well as predictable off-road handling even in the toughest conditions.

Durable rust-resistant aluminum

The shock absorber is constructed from precision, metal impact extruded aluminum that is very robust and well tested to ensure it can withstand extreme conditions. This material increases cooling capacity and is resistant to rust to ensure it maintains its condition for the longest time.

Internal Floating Piston mono-tube design

The shock absorber is designed to offer improved and reliable ride quality in any road condition. It features an internal floating piston (IFP) monotube design, and unlike the twin-tube design, this one does not allow the gas to mix with the suspension fluid, and this prevents it from foaming. With this, you can expect to have the smoothest ride in your Ford Ranger.

Isolates noise and vibrations

Besides improving ride quality, the shock absorbers will also get rid of vibrations and noise to offer a smooth and peaceful ride. This is all thanks to the composite bushing on the upper mount.

Improved performance at any variable temperature

The shock absorbers use advanced suspension fluid. This fluid is not easily affected by changes in temperature and will maintain the performance of the product at any variable temperature.

Easy ride height and preload adjustment

With the locking spring preload rings, these shock absorbers will allow easy ride height and preload adjustment to retain top quality racing coil and better Ford Ranger clearance.

100% re-buildable and re-valveable

Fox 983-02-085 Performance Coil-Over Shock Absorbers are 100% rebuildable and revalveable which means you can always bring it back to peak performance.

Durable and stylish finish

The clear-anodized finish of the shock absorber gives it a clean and stylish finish that is rust-resistant and very durable.

1-year limited warranty

The shock absorber is backed by 1-yer limited warranty that guarantees it to be free from any manufacturing defects in workmanship and material.

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