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Honda CR-V Running Boards

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Can you put running boards on a Honda CR-V?

Yes, you can put running boards on a Honda CR-V. Although the Honda CR-V is a mid-size SUV, a lot of people find it more comfortable to add a set of running boards. The running boards, or step bars, will help passengers get in and out of your SUV. This is especially helpful for small kids or older adults that need a little extra assistance.

When you purchase a set of running boards, a set of instructions will be included to install the boards on your CR-V. Most people choose to install the step bars themselves, though any professional body shop can also install these. We recommend having two people assist with installation to make it go smoother. The running boards can be long and awkward to handle for just 1 person!

What Honda CR-V running board options do I have?

Because the Honda CR-V is a midsize SUV, there aren't a lot of running board or step board options available for it. You'll see a few options on our category page just above. Running boards are more common for larger trucks and SUVs with a bigger entry step. However, running boards can still be extremely helpful for Honda CR-V owners. This is especially true for those with assistance needs like smaller children, older adults, or others that just need that extra boost.

How much does it cost to install Honda CR-V step bars?

Most people install the step bars or running boards themselves, and do not need professional help. Your set of running boards will come with full installation instructions to get them installed on your CR-V. If you install these yourself, it will only cost you a couple of hours of time.

If you choose to have these boards professionally installed, we recommend getting a few quotes from local auto shops, and have the step bars shipped directly to them.

*Note, some running boards, such as the Westin Sure-Grip, require you to order a separate set of mounting hardware specifically for your CR-V. This is because these boards are multi or universal fit, so the vehicle specific mount kit is sold separately. If your chosen boards require a separate mount kit, we will let you know on the product page. Custom fit boards made specifically for the Honda CR-V, such as the Westin Oval Tube 4" step bars will come with the mounting kit included.

Do the Honda CR-V step bars come with both sides?

Yes, all Honda CR-V step bar and running boards come with both sides included. All of the prices we have listed are for both sides. It would look a little odd to only have running boards on one side of your vehicle!

If you're looking to replace a board from an existing set, please contact us with as many details as you can, such as manufacturer and part number, and/or photos. While we do not sell single bars, we will see if we have a replacement set in stock to match exactly to what you already have.