Husky Liners Removable Mud Flaps | HUS153293

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Husky Liners Removable Mud Flaps | HUS153293

Product Specifications:

  • Color/ Finish: Black Matte Textured
  • Drilling Required: Yes
  • Fitment: Universal-Fit/ 14 Inch Width
  • Inserts Type: Stainless Steel
  • Logo Design: No Logo
  • Material: Thermoplastic Olefin
  • Mounting Location: Front Or Rear Fender Wheel Well
  • Quantity: Set Of 2
  • Shape: Flat

Removable mud flaps

With a virtually indestructible construction and an anti-spray material with micro-grooves, Husky 17005 Removable Mud Flaps are the ideal protection of your vehicle against splashing mud, dirty water, and other road elements. Its flexibility in flipping direction or removing them when need be will ensure you have the easiest time in operation and their wide sizes will give your tires maximum coverage.

Anti-spray material formed with micro-grooves

No dirt, water or mud will be lucky enough to remain stuck on these mud flaps, thanks to the anti-spray material with grooves, that funnels all these elements back on the road where they rightfully belong.

Constructed from thermoplastic olefin

The mud flaps are made to endure the test of time and to survive the daily abuse from the road elements. They will protect your vehicle all year round but still remain in perfect shape.

12 or 14 inch options

Husky 17005 Removable Mud Flaps come in 12 inches or 4 inches. The 12-inch flaps are for those who want full coverage of tires, while the 4-inch flaps offer ultra full tire coverage and protection. For the standard tire size, both of these will offer maximum coverage.

No flapping

These mud flaps are made to stay in place and hardly flap when in use. They are made with 14 gauge anchor weight which gives remarkable weight balance and keeps the mud flaps just where you want them.

Available in different finish options

Some people prefer a sleek and shiny appearance, while others would go with the cool matte black. This has been taken care of and you get to choose what looks best on your vehicle.

Universal fit

Husky 17005 Removable Mud Flaps have a universal fit, meaning they are designed to be used on a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Simply state your year, make and model and you will get your perfect fit.

Flippable and removable

Husky Liners give you the freedom to easily remove these mud flaps when need be, and not much effort is required in doing this. You only need to slide them off and boom! they will be out. Getting them back on is just as easy. In addition, you can also flip the mud flaps to face a different direction when necessary.

Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

Husky Liners offer a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, to show how much confidence they have in the quality and functionality of the mud flaps, and to assure you of long term usability.

Designed and manufactured in the USA

Husky 17005 Removable Mud Flaps are proudly designed and made in the USA. Experts are involved in each manufacturing step and the best technology and expertise are applied.

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