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What is an HVAC relay?

A relay is an electric switch that uses an electromagnetic coil to open and close contacts, allowing a low-power signal or control circuit to control a higher-power circuit. In HVAC systems, relays are used to control components such as electric motors and solenoid valves.

How can I tell if my HVAC relay is faulty?

Symptoms of a faulty relay typically include a component not responding to the thermostat, or the component turning on and off at random. If you suspect your relay is faulty, you should check for an open or short circuit, or for a coil that is not being energized.

Can a faulty HVAC relay cause damage?

Yes, a faulty HVAC relay can cause damage to other components in the system, such as the compressor, and can also cause the thermostat to malfunction.

How do I replace an HVAC relay?

  1. Shut off power to the HVAC system.
  2. Disconnect the wires from the old relay.
  3. Connect the new relay and wires.
  4. Restore power to the HVAC system.