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Ignition Coil Sets

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What is an Ignition Coil Set?

An ignition coil set is a component of your vehicle's ignition system that is responsible for transforming the low voltage of the battery into the thousands of volts needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber.

How can I tell if my Ignition Coil Set is faulty?

If your ignition coil set is faulty, you may notice common symptoms such as: engine misfiring, a decrease in fuel efficiency, difficulty starting, poor engine performance, or a check engine light.

Can a faulty Ignition Coil Set cause damage?

Yes, a faulty ignition coil set can cause damage to other parts of your engine, such as the spark plugs and catalytic converter.

How do I replace an Ignition Coil Set?

  1. Locate the ignition coils and disconnect the electrical connector.
  2. Remove the mounting bolts and carefully remove the ignition coil from the spark plug.
  3. Install the new ignition coil by reversing the removal steps.
  4. Reconnect the electrical connector.