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Jeep Compass Seat Covers

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What with the children, the dog and your work commute, it's a wonder your Compass seats still look as good as they do. That won't last, though. Protect them now with a stylish and durable set of Jeep Compass seat covers. Why install seat covers? Seat covers provide a layer of protection from daily wear and tear as well as dirt, spills and pet accidents. Seat covers clean up easily. And, today's seat covers not only look great, but they also fit like a glove. No more slipping and sliding like the seat covers of old.

The Jeep Compass seat covers here at PartCatalog give you a whole lot of choices, from colors that fit your interior, to added features like storage pockets and added seat comfort for a more comfy commute. Use our vehicle fitment search tool and find the guaranteed to fit seat covers and protect your seats in style.

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