K&N Air Cleaner Assembly

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The K&N Engineering Air Cleaner Assembly is designed with a professional racer in mind. Not only does it look pleasing aesthetically but it also provides superior air flow.

  • Custom chrome top
  • Chrome-based plates
  • High-flow washable air filter
  • Excellent filtration

Designed For Performance

Designed to boost the performance of your vehicle, the K&N Engineering Air Cleaner Assembly is the answer to your prayers. It will keep dirt on the outside to ensure that your system is well-protected at all times.

More Power

With the K&N Engineering Air Cleaner Assembly, you get to have cleaner and continuous air into your engine thus boosting your engine’s power and at the same time, provides your vehicle with better mileage.

The Right Assembly

Boosting your performance from your carburettor has never been this easy with the use of the K&N Engineering Air Cleaner Assembly. It’s the perfect assembly for your engine.

It’s Going To Make a Huge Difference

If you want to race hard and perform well on the tracks, the K&N Engineering Air Cleaner Assembly will give you exactly what you need. It’s going to make all the difference.

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The following part numbers are available in this product line:
56-1120 56-1390 56-1400 56-1430 56-1610 56-2000 56-9028 56-9029 56-9049 56-9059 56-9060 56-9091 56-9096 56-9104 56-9105 56-9121 56-9138 56-9155 56-9156 56-9159 RK-3901 RK-3902 RK-3903 RK-3904 RK-3905-1 RK-3906 RK-3908 RK-3909-1 RK-3910-1 RK-3911 RK-3912 RK-3913 RK-3914 RK-3915-1 RK-3916 RK-3918 RK-3921 RK-3922 RK-3923 RK-3924 RK-3925-1 RK-3926 RK-3928 RK-3929 RK-3930 RK-3930X RK-3931 RK-3932 RK-3932B RK-3932X RK-3932XB RK-3933 RK-3933B RK-3933X RK-3933XB RK-3934 RK-3935 RK-3936 RK-3937 RK-3938 RK-3939 RK-3940 RK-3941 RK-3942 RK-3943 RK-3944 RK-3944B RK-3945 RK-3945B RK-3946 RK-3946B RK-3946X RK-3946XB RK-3947 RK-3947B RK-3947X RK-3947XB RK-3948 RK-3948B RK-3950 RK-3950S RK-3951 RK-3951S RK-3954 RK-3954B
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Alfa Romeo (1979-1980)


Fiat (1972-1973)


Ford (1965-1966)


Jaguar (1973-1974)


Lancia (1976)


Land Rover (1971-1974)

Land Rover

Lotus (1967-1973)


Mercedes-Benz (1976-1978)


Nissan (1970-1975)

240Z, 260Z

Peugeot (1970-1977)

304, 404, 604

Toyota (1974-1982)

Corolla, Starlet, Tercel

Triumph (1967-1981)

Herald, Spitfire, TR7

Volkswagen (1975-1987)

Jetta, Scirocco