Lund 5" Oval Curved Tube Step Bars

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5" oval tube stainless steel Curved angle design Available in stainless steel or black 55”, 80” and 87” lengths

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  • 5" oval curved step bars make getting in and out of the vehicle easier
  • Solid stainless steel construction that can support up to 300 pounds
  • Bars are UV-protected to keep them looking new
  • Stainless steel or black finish that blends in with your vehicle's finish
  • Enough room for any type of shoe on the wide stepping surface
  • Sure footing with the non-slip pads
  • Pre-assembled for easy and quick installation
  • Guarantee of long-term performance with the limited lifetime warranty
Oval curved step bars

Oval curved step bars

Lund 5" Oval Curved Step Bars are precision-engineered and constructed from authentic material to ensure you get the support you need into and out of your vehicle, while also enjoying the seamless fit and the rugged yet contemporary look on your truck.

Solid stainless steel construction

Solid stainless steel construction

These step bars are super solid and will last you for the longest time possible. They are constructed from tough stainless steel, which can handle the daily foot traffic perfectly well and they support up to 300 pounds.



Being UV-protected, the step bars will hardly fade from the sun's effects and this ensures that they stay looking new and classy even after several years of use.

Stainless steel or black finish

Stainless steel or black finish

You can order Lund Oval Curved Step Bars in either a stainless steel finish or a black one. Both of these finishes are trendy and are made to blend in well with virtually any vehicle's factory finish.

Wide stepping surface

Wide stepping surface

The steps are made with a wider stepping surface compared to the traditional ones. This ensures there is enough foot room for any kind of shoe.

Non-slip pads

Non-slip pads

Besides being wide, the step pads are also non-slip and regardless of whether your shoes have treads or not, there's little chance of slipping with these step bars.



For easy and quick installation, these step bars come pre-assembled. Even better, instructions are provided to make the already simple process simpler.

Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

Lund 5" Oval Curved Step Bars are backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty as a guarantee of long-term performance

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This product comes with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
Part Numbers

The following part numbers are available in this product line:

23710562, 23710563, 23710600, 23710601, 23710688, 23710689, 23750075, 23751073, 23754075, 23773077, 23776075, 23776084, 23776749, 23776750, 23779078, 23779079, 23782092, 23782093, 23784295, 23784842, 23785007, 23789007, 23789008, 23789010, 23791007, 23795007, 23797007, 23797008, 23810562, 23810563, 23810600, 23810601, 23810688, 23810689, 23850007, 23851007, 23854007, 23873007, 23876499, 23876500, 23876504, 23879007, 23879008, 23882092, 23882093, 23884295, 23885007, 23886008, 23889007, 23889008, 23889010, 23891007, 23895007, 23897007, 23897008, 24210562, 24210563, 24210600, 24210688, 24210689, 24250075, 24273077, 24276075, 24276084, 24276749, 24276750, 24279078, 24279079, 24282093, 24284295, 24285007, 24286008, 24289007, 24289008, 24291007, 24295007, 24297007, 24297008

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