Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Covers for Chevrolet/GMC 6' 6" | 96801

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  • Premium rolling tonneau cover
  • Catalog Number: Lund 96801
  • Fits: Chevrolet C1500, Chevrolet C2500, Chevrolet K1500, Chevrolet K2500, GMC C1500 + 4 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)

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Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Covers for Chevrolet/GMC | 96801

Product Specifications:

  • Bed Side Rail Mount: Top Mount
  • Color Group: Black
  • Color/ Finish: Black
  • Compatible With Bed Caps: No
  • Compatible With Bed Rails: No
  • Compatible With Headache Rack: No
  • Compatible With Ladder Rack: No
  • Compatible With Tool Box: No
  • Drilling Required: No
  • Hinged: No
  • Includes Ladder Rack: No
  • Installation Type: Seal And Peel
  • Locking Type: Non-Lockable
  • Low Profile: Yes
  • Material: Canvas/ Twill Weaved HAARTZ ™ Fabric
  • Type: Soft Roll-Up
  • With Lights: No Lights

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBed TypeBed LengthNotes
1999GMCC3500Fleetside6' 6" Foot BedDually Bed
1989-1999ChevroletC2500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1989-1999ChevroletK2500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1989-1999GMCK2500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1988-1999ChevroletC1500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1988-1999ChevroletK1500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1988-1999GMCC1500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1988-1999GMCK1500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1998ChevroletC2500CheyenneFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1998ChevroletC2500SilveradoFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1998ChevroletK2500CheyenneFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1998ChevroletK2500SilveradoFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1998ChevroletC1500CheyenneFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1998ChevroletC1500SilveradoFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1998ChevroletK1500CheyenneFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1998ChevroletK1500SilveradoFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1989-1998GMCC2500Fleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1997GMCC1500Sierra GTFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1997GMCC1500Sierra SLFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1997GMCC1500Sierra SLEFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1997GMCC1500Sierra SLTFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1997GMCC1500Sierra SpecialFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1997ChevroletC1500BaseFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1997ChevroletK1500BaseFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1995GMCK1500Sierra SLFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1995GMCK1500Sierra SLSFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1995GMCK1500Sierra SLTFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1995GMCK1500Sierra SpecialFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1995ChevroletC2500BaseFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1994-1995ChevroletK2500BaseFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1993-1995GMCK1500Sierra SLEFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1993GMCK1500SierraFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1993GMCK1500Sierra SLXFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1993GMCK1500Sierra SportFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1993ChevroletC1500454 SSFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1992ChevroletC1500ScottsdaleFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1990-1992ChevroletK1500ScottsdaleFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed
1991ChevroletK1500SportFleetside6' 6" Foot Bed


Roll up tonneau cover

Without a tonneau cover, elements like stone chips, road debris, and even rain will find their way into your Chevrolet C1500's truck bed and mess up with your cargo. Thieves could also access your truck bed and have their pick on your cargo. You can prevent this by getting a Lund 96801 Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover, which is also a stylish addition and will significantly reduce your fuel usage.

Twill Weaved Material

Drive confidently through snow or wind with this tonneau cover without fearing whether it will make it out or not because it will. The cover has a solid construction from Twill Weaved Material and this offers extra strength against these harsh elements and long-lasting durability.

Heavy-duty Velcro hook and loop fasteners

The easy-to-use heavy-duty Velcro hook and loop fasteners are meant to keep the cover closed through all your rides, and in so doing, keep your cargo more secure and seal out dust and moisture. The dual automatic latches also add to the security.

Durable aluminum framing

Also featured on the tonneau is the durable aluminum frame which provides extra sturdiness to the cover.

Improved aerodynamics

The low profile design of Lund 96801 Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover allows it to lay flush with the the Chevrolet C1500's truck bed and create an aerodynamic appearance which reduces wind drag and improves fuel economy

Custom fit

The tonneau cover is custom-molded for your vehicle type, model, make and year and is designed to fit like a glove on your truck bed.

Drill-free installation

Installing the Chevrolet C1500 tonneau cover will not require much effort. It comes with a pre-assembled frame and all you need to do is mount it on your vehicle, which will take just a few minutes and no drilling.

Low maintenance

No special cleaners or tools are required as far as cleaning the tonneau cover goes. It is very low maintenance and the Twill Material hardly retains dirt.

Limited lifetime warranty

The roll-up tonneau cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect it against defects in workmanship and material for life.

Made in the USA

Lund 96801 Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover is proudly made in the USA with outstanding quality material for unmatched performance.

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