MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converter | MAG195746

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MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converter | 94006

Product Specifications:

  • Air Tube: No
  • Body Length (IN): 12 Inch
  • California Legal: No
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Heat Shield: Yes
  • Inlet Attachment: Slip-Fit
  • Inlet Size: 2-1/2 Inch
  • Outlet Attachment: Slip-Fit
  • Outlet Size: 2-1/2 Inch
  • Overall Length (IN): 16 Inch
  • Shape: Oval
  • Substrate Material: Ceramic

Part Fitment List:

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Buick Apollo (1975)
Buick Century (1975-1980)
Buick Electra (1977-1980)
Buick Estate Wagon (1980)
Buick LeSabre (1975-1980)
Buick Regal (1975-1982)
Buick Riviera (1977-1985)
Buick Skyhawk (1975-1980)
Buick Skylark (1975-1979)
Cadillac Allante (1993)
Cadillac DeVille (1980-1995)
Cadillac Eldorado (1991-1995)
Cadillac Seville (1976-1995)
Chevrolet Astro (1985-1992)
Chevrolet Bel Air (1975)
Chevrolet Blazer (1987-1995)
Chevrolet C10 (1975-1986)
Chevrolet C10 Suburban (1975-1986)
Chevrolet C1500 (1988-1993)
Chevrolet C20 (1975-1986)
Chevrolet C20 Suburban (1975-1986)
Chevrolet C2500 (1988-1993)
Chevrolet Camaro (1975-1980)
Chevrolet Caprice (1975-1980)
Chevrolet Chevette (1976-1980)
Chevrolet Corvette (1975-1991)
Chevrolet El Camino (1975-1979)
Chevrolet G10 (1975-1994)
Chevrolet G20 (1975-1994)
Chevrolet G30 (1978-1994)
Chevrolet Impala (1975-1980)
Chevrolet K10 (1975-1986)
Chevrolet K10 Suburban (1975-1986)
Chevrolet K1500 (1988-1993)
Chevrolet K20 (1975-1986)
Chevrolet K20 Suburban (1975-1986)
Chevrolet K2500 (1988-1993)
Chevrolet K5 Blazer (1975-1986)
Chevrolet Laguna (1975-1976)
Chevrolet LUV (1975-1982)
Chevrolet Malibu (1975-1980)
Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1975-1980)
Chevrolet Monza (1975-1980)
Chevrolet Nova (1975-1979)
Chevrolet R10 (1987)
Chevrolet R10 Suburban (1987)
Chevrolet R20 (1987)
Chevrolet S10 (1988-1995)
Chevrolet S10 Blazer (1988-1994)
Chevrolet V10 (1987)
Chevrolet Vega (1975-1977)
Chrysler Newport (1975-1978)
Dodge B100 (1975-1980)
Dodge B150 (1981-1987)
Dodge B200 (1975-1980)
Dodge B250 (1981-1987)
Dodge B300 (1975-1980)
Dodge B350 (1981-1987)
Dodge D100 (1975-1988)
Dodge D150 (1978-1988)
Dodge D200 (1975-1980)
Dodge D250 (1981-1988)
Dodge D300 (1975)
Dodge Dakota (1994-1995)
Dodge Monaco (1975-1978)
Dodge Ramcharger (1975-1988)
Dodge Royal Monaco (1975-1977)
Dodge W100 (1975-1988)
Dodge W150 (1978-1988)
Dodge W200 (1976-1980)
Dodge W250 (1981-1988)
Dodge W300 (1975)
Dodge W350 (1982-1987)
Ferrari 308 GTB (1976-1980)
Ferrari 308 GTS (1977-1980)
Ferrari 328 GTB (1986-1988)
Ferrari 328 GTS (1986-1988)
Ferrari 348 TB (1990)
Ferrari 348 TS (1990)
Ford Bronco (1978-1979)
Ford E-100 Econoline (1979-1983)
Ford E-100 Econoline Club Wagon (1975-1983)
Ford E-150 Econoline (1975-1985)
Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon (1975-1985)
Ford E-250 Econoline (1975-1985)
Ford E-250 Econoline Club Wagon (1975-1983)
Ford F-150 (1977-1979)
Ford F-250 (1977-1979)
Ford Mustang (1983-1986)
GMC C15 (1975-1978)
GMC C15 Suburban (1975-1978)
GMC C1500 (1979-1993)
GMC C1500 Suburban (1979-1986)
GMC C25 (1975-1978)
GMC C25 Suburban (1978)
GMC C2500 (1979-1993)
GMC C2500 Suburban (1979-1986)
GMC Caballero (1978-1979)
GMC G15 (1975-1978)
GMC G1500 (1979-1994)
GMC G25 (1975-1978)
GMC G2500 (1979-1994)
GMC G35 (1978)
GMC G3500 (1979-1996)
GMC Jimmy (1975-1995)
GMC K15 (1975-1978)
GMC K15 Suburban (1975-1978)
GMC K1500 (1979-1993)
GMC K1500 Suburban (1979-1986)
GMC K25 (1975-1978)
GMC K25 Suburban (1978)
GMC K2500 (1979-1993)
GMC K2500 Suburban (1979-1986)
GMC R1500 (1987)
GMC R1500 Suburban (1987)
GMC R2500 (1987)
GMC S15 (1988-1990)
GMC S15 Jimmy (1988-1991)
GMC Safari (1985-1992)
GMC Savana 3500 (1996-1999)
GMC Sonoma (1991-1995)
GMC Sprint (1975-1977)
GMC Syclone (1991)
GMC Typhoon (1992-1993)
GMC V1500 (1987)
Isuzu Trooper (1992-1993)
Jeep Cherokee (1978-1983)
Jeep CJ5 (1975-1981)
Jeep CJ7 (1976-1983)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (1993-1995)
Jeep J10 (1979-1988)
Jeep J20 (1979-1988)
Jeep Scrambler (1983)
Jeep Wagoneer (1978-1983)
Maserati Quattroporte (1980-1982)
Mercury Capri (1983-1984)
Oldsmobile 98 (1977)
Oldsmobile Aurora (1995)
Oldsmobile Bravada (1991-1994)
Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1977-1979)
Oldsmobile Cutlass (1975-1980)
Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais (1978-1980)
Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser (1980)
Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon (1975-1980)
Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (1975-1980)
Oldsmobile Cutlass Tiara (1976)
Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1976-1980)
Oldsmobile Omega (1975-1979)
Oldsmobile Starfire (1976-1980)
Oldsmobile Toronado (1979)
Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (1975)
Plymouth Gran Fury (1975-1977)
Plymouth PB100 (1975-1978)
Plymouth PB150 (1981-1983)
Plymouth PB200 (1975-1980)
Plymouth PB250 (1981-1983)
Plymouth PB300 (1975-1980)
Plymouth PB350 (1981-1983)
Plymouth Trailduster (1975-1981)
Pontiac Astre (1977)
Pontiac Bonneville (1977-1980)
Pontiac Catalina (1976-1980)
Pontiac Firebird (1975-1980)
Pontiac Grand Am (1979-1980)
Pontiac Grand LeMans (1975-1980)
Pontiac Grand Prix (1976-1980)
Pontiac Grand Safari (1977)
Pontiac LeMans (1975-1981)
Pontiac Parisienne (1976-1980)
Pontiac Phoenix (1977-1979)
Pontiac Sunbird (1976-1980)
Pontiac Ventura (1975-1977)

Universal Standard Grade Federal Catalytic Converter

The MagnaFlow 94006 Universal standard federal catalytic converter is compliant with federal emissions laws. It is, however, not legal for sale or use in California. The converter facilitates reactions that reduce the emission of toxic gases in the environment. It also helps to keep your engine and exhaust system in great condition to function optimally.

Closely Welded Seam

The seam is closely welded to create a strong bond between the catalyst and the wall. It ensures that the catalyst stays intact and does not loosen and shift inside the converter.

Ribbed Heat Shield

The converter has a ribbed heat shield that provides a rigid wall for heat protection. It creates a stable structure to contain the hottest exhaust fumes without getting out of shape.

Monolythic Honeycomb Design

The MagnaFlow 94006 Universal standard federal catalytic converter features a monolithic honeycomb catalyst design. It increases the exhaust flow surface area for maximum conversion even with high exhaust volumes.

Universal Fit Design

This cat is made to fit a variety of vehicle applications. It will, however, need some modification and it is advisable to get the job done by an expert to avoid damaging it or making extreme modifications.

Stainless Steel Construction

The converter is made with premium-grade stainless steel that won't rust, oxidize or corrode. It stays firm for years and takes all the heat to maintain its hold.

5-Year/50,000 Mile Warranty

The manufacturer provides a 5-year or 50,000-mile limited warranty for every purchase of the MagnaFlow 94006 Universal standard federal catalytic converter This is a guarantee of quality and performance beyond the ordinary. If you need help with your warranty or you would like further information, feel free to reach out to PartCatalog.

Made in the USA

MagnaFlow is an American manufacturer that uses locally produced materials, technology, and locally sourced labor to produce truly American products. Your purchase not only helps thousands of Americans get jobs every year, but it also contributes to the growth of the American economy.

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