MBRP XP Series Filter-Back Exhaust System

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  • Made from 16-gauge stainless steel
  • Polished tips
  • Rich & mellow exhaust tone
  • Easy installation

If you want an exhaust system that can handle everything the road shows at it, the MBRP XP Series is the perfect choice. You can guarantee that your truck will get tougher with this.

Constructed from 16-gauge stainless steel, this filter back exhaust system can withstand everything. Plus, you also get to guarantee that it will last you for a really long time.

The MBRP XP Series features a spiral louvered high-flow muffler and mandrel-bent tubing that minimizes back pressure. In turn, this allows your engine to breathe more freely thus boosting its horsepower and torque.

With the use of this exhaust system kit, you get to boost your fuel economy. It also lowers EGT. Enjoy a deep and rich mellow exhaust tone that will make your engine sound so much better compared before.

Installation of this exhaust system is very easy. All you need is your common hand tools and factory hangers and next thing you know, you’re all set!

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MBRP warrants their products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the following timeframes:

  • Pro Series (T-304 stainless steel): Lifetime warranty
  • XP Series (T-409 stainless steel): Lifetime warranty
  • Installer Series (Aluminized): Three (3) years
  • Black Series: Three (3) years for the components; One (1) year for the coating
  • Performance and PLM Series: Two (2) years
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
S6026409 S6027409 S60300409 S6032409 S6033409 S60360409 S6120409 S61240409 S61240AL S6130409 S6131409 S6131AL S61340409 S6156409 S6157409 S61640409 S61650409 S6166409 S6167409 S6170409 S6171409 S6242409 S6243409 S62460409 S6248409 S6249409 S62520409 S6282409 S6284409 S6287409 S6288409 S6289409 S6289BLK S6290409 S62930409 S6500409
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Chevrolet (2007-2018)

Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500 HD

Dodge (2007-2010)

Ram 2500, Ram 3500

Ford (2008-2017)

F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty

GMC (2007-2018)

Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500 HD

Jeep (2007-2009)

Grand Cherokee

Ram (2011-2018)

1500, 2500, 3500