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Nissan 370Z Exhaust Systems

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Smaller body and a bigger engine - that's why you bought a Nissan 370Z. But, if you aren't getting the engine power you thought you would, it's probably because of the factory exhaust. That's why replacing the 370Z exhaust with a performance system is one of the first upgrades a lot of 370Z owners make. Why add a performance exhaust system? Sure, your 370Z runs great straight out of the factory. But, factory systems are designed to muffle noise.

The only problem with that is that factory systems also muffle the engine's true power. A performance 370Z exhaust system changes all of that by expelling spent air and gas more efficiently and reducing engine drag. What you get is the powerful engine you've always wanted. Find the Nissan 370Z exhaust system guaranteed to fit with our vehicle fitment search tool. Then get ready to experience your 370Z in a whole new way.