Nissan Xterra Catalytic Converters

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  1. MagnaFlow Exhaust Manifold w/ OEM Grade Catalytic Converter
  2. MagnaFlow Universal Standard Grade Federal Catalytic Converter
  3. MagnaFlow 2.50
  4. MagnaFlow 3
  5. MagnaFlow Pre-OBDII Catalytic Converters (California)
  6. MagnaFlow Exhaust Manifold w/ California Catalytic Converter
  7. MagnaFlow Universal HM Grade Federal Catalytic Converter
  8. MagnaFlow 2.25
  9. MagnaFlow 2-2.5
  10. MagnaFlow Direct-Fit California OBDII Catalytic Converters
  11. MagnaFlow Universal OEM Grade Federal Catalytic Converter
  12. MagnaFlow Standard Grade Catalytic Converters
  13. MagnaFlow OEM Grade Catalytic Converters
  14. MagnaFlow 2.25 Universal California OBDII Catalytic Converter
  15. MagnaFlow Direct-Fit HM Grade Federal Catalytic Converters
  16. MagnaFlow Exhaust Manifold w/ HM Grade Catalytic Converter
  17. MagnaFlow 2 Universal California OBDII Catalytic Converter
  18. MagnaFlow 2.50
  19. MagnaFlow 2
  20. MagnaFlow Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter
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20 Items

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Whether the dreaded check engine light came on or your Xterra didn't pass emissions, you've come to the realization that you have to replace your catalytic converter. It's not a happy thought. You probably think you'll have to spend a pretty penny on a new Xterra catalytic converter. It's true that catalytic converters are made up of precious metals and can be costly to replace. But, it's also true that you'll find the guaranteed to fit Xterra catalytic converter you need at the guaranteed lowest price right here.

Catalytic converters are designed to turn pollution into harmless gas. Catalytic converters also reduce noise from your exhaust. Signs of a damaged converter include a rotten egg smell and sluggish acceleration. If you have to replace your catalytic converter because of damage or clogs, use our vehicle fitment tool to find the Nissan Xterra catalytic converter guaranteed to fit your ride as well as your budget. You just might find yourself pleasantly surprised.