Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover

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  • Durable aluminum material
  • Thick black powder coat
  • Low-profile flush mount
  • No-drill, clamp-on installation

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Pace Edwards Full-Metal JackRabbit Tonneau Covers add style to any truck with its low-profile flush mount design. The covers are application specific to facilitate the no-drill installation and fit perfectly. Pace Edwards Full Metal JackRabbit Tonneau Covers are equipped with a continuous spring tension system to automatically retract into the canister. The cover will lock in place every 12 inches to adapt to cargo requirements. The weather tight seal protects the truck bed and cargo from the elements. The tailgate of the truck will operate normally with the cover opened or closed.

  • Application specific for a perfect fit
  • Locks in place every 12 inches
  • Continuous spring tension
  • Normal tailgate operation
  • Backed by a three year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Pace Edwards Full-Metal JackRabbit Tonneau Covers are constructed with a high quality aluminum material that is protected by thick black powder coat finish. This product is covered by a three year warranty and made in the United States.

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Your new tonneau cover comes with the manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
FET5379 FET5274 FET5173 FET2613 FET18A32 FET1890 FET1804 FET1748 FET1714 FET0613 FEN6894 FEN6793 FEN6690 FEN6591 FEN5780 FEN3857 FEN1137 FEN1112 FEN1013 FEN1001 FEMI3958 FEM1109 FEM1008 FEI0646 FEI0608 FEI0601 FEI0101 FEFA07A30 FEFA06A29 FEFA05A28 FEF7084 FEF6985 FEF3042 FEF2903 FEF2843 FEF1507 FEF1410 FEF1310 FEF1290 FEF1109 FEF1008 FEF0908 FEF04A32 FEF0404 FEF0303 FED7936 FED7833 FED77A01 FED2336 FED2233 FED0890 FED0777 FED0629 FED0606 FEC9636 FEC95A17 FEC8569 FEC5670 FEC5569 FEC5468 FEC3250 FEC2576 FEC1329 FEC12A32 FEC1204 FEC0646 FEC0404 FEC0303 FEC0202 FEC0101 FMTA10A38 FMTA09A37 FMT7475 FMT5379 FMT5274 FMT5173 FMT3554 FMT2738 FMT2613 FMT18A32 FMT1890 FMT1804 FMT1748 FMT1714 FMT0613 FMN6894 FMN6793 FMN6690 FMN6591 FMN5780 FMN3857 FMN3352 FMN1137 FMN1112 FMN1013 FMN1001 FMMI3958 FMM1109 FMM1008 FMI0646 FMI0608 FMI0601 FMI0101 FMH6082 FMFA07A30 FMFA06A29 FMFA05A28 FMF7084 FMF6985 FMF3147 FMF3042 FMF2903 FMF2843 FMF1507 FMF1410 FMF1310 FMF1290 FMF1109 FMF1008 FMF0908 FMF04A32 FMF0404 FMF0303 FMD87A08 FMD82A02 FMD7936 FMD7833 FMD77A01 FMD2336 FMD2233 FMD0890 FMD0777 FMD0629 FMD0606 FMCA04A26 FMCA03A25 FMC9636 FMC95A17 FMC8569 FMC5670 FMC5569 FMC5468 FMC3453 FMC3250 FMC2576 FMC1329 FMC12A32 FMC1204 FMC0646 FMC0404 FMC0303 FMC0202 FMC0101
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