Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau with Rails

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  • Includes Explorer Series rails
  • Textured powder-coated aluminum panels
  • Rolls into contoured canister
  • Intermittent locking positions
  • Low profile design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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  • Rolls out and back to offer maximum protection to your cargo and full access to truck bed
  • Textured powder-coated aluminum panels guaranteed to last a lifetime in perfect condition
  • Rolls into a contoured canister to create enough space for your cargo
  • Living hinges help seal out all the elements from the track bed
  • Cover can be locked at any position every 12 inches to allow partial and full bed access
  • Drainage tubes channel out water to prevent accumulation in the truck bed
  • Mounts flush on your truck bed to create a streamlined appearance
  • Installs easy and fast with no drilling necessary
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty to perform without any defects in workmanship or material
  • Made in the USA using state-of-the-art material and technology for better performance

Full-metal retractable tonneau

The Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau is a well-built tonneau designed to roll out and back to offer maximum protection to your cargo. It is constructed using top grade material and its retractable design is very convenient, allowing you to get both full and partial access.

Textured powder-coated aluminum panels

This tonneau is constructed using textured powder-coated aluminum panels which are very strong and are guaranteed to last a lifetime in perfect condition. The powder-coating is an extra layer of protection against the elements, and it also helps create a clean and finished appearance that will transform your whole exterior look.

Rolls into contoured canister

Being a retractable tonneau, the cover is designed to roll into a contoured canister and this helps create enough room in your truck bed for loading in your cargo.

Locking twist latch

The locking twist latch featured on this Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau is the locking point and it helps keep the cover locked all through, ensuring all the unwanted hands do not get access to your cargo.

Tonneau can lock at any position

This cover can coveniently lock at any position every 12 inches along the rails, to allow you get partial bed access. It also makes it possible to load large cargo in your truck bed and close it halfway.

Drainage tubes

You will also get drainage tubes that will keep your cargo dry all the time by channeling out water and preventing accumulation in your truck bed.

Low profile design

Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau comes in a low profile design that mounts flush on your truck bed to create a sleek and streamlined look which also helps reduce wind drag.

Bolt-on installation

This tonneau has a bolt-on design that allows you to install fast and easy without any drilling or special tools necessary.

3-year warranty

Pace Edwards stands by this product with a 3-year warranty which is a promise of top quality material and precise craftsmanship that will not have any malfunction.

Made in the USA

Pace Edwards Full-Metal Jackrabbit Tonneau is made in the USA using state-of-the-art material and technology for better performance and longer durability.

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This product comes with the manufacturer's 3 year limited warranty.
The following part numbers are available in this product line:
FEC0101 FEC0202 FEC0303 FEC0404 FEC0646 FEC1204 FEC12A32 FEC1329 FEC2576 FEC3250 FEC5468 FEC5569 FEC5670 FEC8569 FEC95A17 FEC9636 FECA03A25 FECA04A26 FED0606 FED0629 FED0777 FED0890 FED2233 FED2336 FED77A01 FED7833 FED7936 FEF0303 FEF0404 FEF04A32 FEF0908 FEF1008 FEF1109 FEF1290 FEF1310 FEF1410 FEF1507 FEF2843 FEF2903 FEF3042 FEF6985 FEF7084 FEFA05A28 FEFA06A29 FEFA07A30 FEFA18A44 FEFA19A45 FEI0101 FEI0601 FEI0608 FEI0646 FEM1008 FEM1109 FEMI3958 FEN1001 FEN1013 FEN1112 FEN1137 FEN3857 FEN5780 FEN6591 FEN6690 FEN6793 FEN6894 FENA15A41 FET0613 FET1714 FET1748 FET1804 FET1890 FET18A32 FET2613 FET5173 FET5274 FET5379 FMHA17A43 JECA03A25 JEFA19A45
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