BAK Box: How Does It Work?

Do you want a toolbox that is compatible with your BAKFlip or BAK Revolver? And one that will fold away when you need full access to your truck bed?

The BAKBox 2 is the product that you are looking for. It takes up little truck bed space and sits beneath your tonneau cover. No one will know it is there with the tailgate locked.

I’ve created this guide to give you a little more information on the BAK Box. You will also get an overview of how to install the BAKBox 2 to your BAKFlip or Revolver tonneau cover.

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Features of the BAKBox 2 Tonneau Toolbox

The BAKBox 2 tonneau toolbox is made by BAK Industries. It is a versatile toolbox that not only stores tools but also offers truck owners the freedom to fully use their truck bed when not in use.

Some of the notable features of the BAKBox 2 toolbox are highlighted in the table below: 




Sliding tray

Sliding tray

The sliding tray for small items rests on the box sides

  • Storage for small items that can shift in the toolbox
  • Extra storage space

Folding rear panel

The toolbox folds away when not in use 

  • Allows full bed access when needed

Hangs beneath the tonneau cover

BAKBox hangs beneath the tonneau cover

It is designed to hang under the tonneau cover but above the truck bed leaving space underneath

  • Keeps valuables out of sight out of mind
  • Protection of items from weather elements
  • Space underneath can be used for storing other items such as tie-downs

Installs along the rails of the tonneau cover

BAKBox can be installed anywhere along the rails

It can be installed anywhere along the rails of your tonneau cover

  • Allows multiple storage positions whether installed at the bulkhead or near the tailgate
  • Ease access of the toolbox at the most convenient position


  • Includes sliding tray for small items
  • Folds away for full bed access
  • Corrosion and UV resistant due to black paint and black powder coat finish
  • Installs beneath the tonneau cover
  • Installs anywhere along the rails of the tonneau cover
  • Compatible with BAKFlip and Revolver tonneaus rails
  • Sturdy no-drill, clamp-on installation
  • Solid core ½” thick Fiber-Reinforced plastic composite panels


The BAKBox 2 is backed by a one-year workmanship and material warranty. 

The warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser of the BAK product. 

Maintenance tip: Don’t use any harsh cleaners or abrasives on the BAKBox because they affect the textured panel finish. Use standard automotive soap and water with a soft sponge to clean the BAKBox toolbox.

Benefits of the BAKBox 2 Tonneau Toolbox

Imagine carrying tools such as gloves, jumper cables, nuts, and oil that keep rattling around in the truck bed. Yes, your truck bed cover is offering them the protection and security they deserve but that doesn’t mean they stay in place or stay organized.

That is essentially when the BAKBox 2 toolbox from the BAK industries comes in handy. As a truck owner using the BAKFlip or Revolver tonneaus, it helps you store your tools securely and you can seamlessly retrieve them when you need them.

Whereas there is an option of upgrading installed toolboxes with other toolbox tonneau covers available to most truck owners, the BAKBox 2 toolbox is unique because it is purposed to work with the BAKFlip and Revolver series tonneaus. 

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Here are some notable benefits of the BAKBox 2 toolbox:

Organize Tools

BAKBox helps organize tools

The BAKBox 2 helps you organize your tools in the truck bed without having to throw them together with your other cargo. When you need your tools, you access your BAKBox 2 toolbox and retrieve them.

The BAKBox is installed below the surface of the tonneau cover and above the floor of your truck. This allows you to store items such as lumber or drywall underneath the toolbox while giving you the option of using it with items that you can tie down, for example, racks and rails.

The BAKBox 2 has a sliding tray for small objects that would otherwise shift from side to side in the toolbox. 

Are you going for a picnic and want to carry some drinks, fruits, or food? The sliding tray on the BAKBox is a suitable tool to place all your small items on your drive. 

The toolbox is also insulated and can work great as an ice chest. So, it is not the standard traditional toolbox for storing screwdrivers and the like, you can store your soft drinks and food as you drive around over the weekend. 

You can also fold down a panel and use your BAKBox as a shelf. 

Here is a photo of how the BAKBox can help you organize your items:

Did you know?

The BAKBox is insulated and works great as an ice chest. 

Offers Security for Valuable Items, Stays Hidden

BAK Revolver Closed

Imagine a toolbox that sits up above your truck bed rails telling everyone that there are valuable tools inside! It invites thieves regardless of whether there are any tools inside or not.

But, unlike other toolboxes that are stacked on top of the tonneau cover, the BAKBox 2 is underneath your tonneau cover offering security to your valuable tools.

It is completely invisible when closed. You are the only one who knows it is there because you have stored your valuable tools in it. Your truck can be used for play, work, and everything else while your important tools are safely stored in the invisible toolbox. 

Better still, when the tailgate is locked, it will be even more difficult for thieves to access. This helps prevents the potential theft of your tools. 

The BAKBox is for you if you value the security of your valuable items.

Strong Enough to Hold 250 Lbs of Weight

Strong enough to hold 250 pounds

The BAKBox 2 is made from strong double-sided aluminum or composite panels that make it not only strong but also durable.

The BAKBox 2 toolbox can hold up to 250lbs of evenly distributed weight. You can put heavy tools and objects inside the toolbox without worrying about potential overloading.

The toolbox is constructed such that its lid is the actual BAKFlip tonneau cover panels.

It is also durable because it is always covered by the tonneau cover that protects it from the weather elements.

Your BAKFlip or BAK Revolver tonneau can withstand up to 400 lbs of weight. Now, if you have the BAKBox toolbox, you have the advantage of carrying an extra 250 lbs of weight.

Undoubtedly, the BAKBox 2 toolbox allows you to carry extra weighty tools- something you are less likely to find in the traditional truck toolboxes.

Purchase the BAKBox tool today to benefit from the extra and organized storage in your truck bed while hauling a little heavier tools without any worries. 

Occupies Little Space and Gives Full Truck Bed Access

BAKBox uses little space

The BAKBox 2 tonneau toolbox folds away when not in use. This means that when you want to use your entire truck bed, the toolbox does not prevent you from that.

It is also designed to hang from the rails of your tonneau allowing the space underneath usable for hauling other cargo. 

Unlike other traditional toolboxes that can occupy a permanent space in your truck bed, the BAKBox 2 is helpful whenever you want to fully utilize your truck bed. 

Compatible With the BAKFlip and Revolver Tonneau Covers

The toolbox works perfectly with all BAK tonneaus of the BAKFlip and Revolver series because of its low-profile design. 

The toolbox panels also match the BAKFlip and Revolver tonneau covers. 

Most truck owners like versatility and options, and BAKFlip and Revolver series tonneaus work together to give you a wide range of working positions! Multiple driving positions for the tonneau and multiple storage positions for the toolbox

How to Install the BAKBox 2 ToolBox

Installing the BAKBox is a breeze as it requires no drilling. 

Here are steps to follow to install the BAKBox to a BAKFlip and Revolver tonneau covers. 

Depending on your truck, the instructions may vary a little bit. Exact instructions for your truck will be included with your purchase.

  1. Install the U-nuts onto the clamping bracket. The side marked- B on your BAKFlip tonneau.
BAK Instructions, Step 1
  1.  Assemble the clamping bracket loosely to the large end plates, for both passenger and driver sides.
BAK Instructions, Step 2
  1. Install the large end plates onto the rails.
BAK Instructions, Step 3
  1. Place the 3-sided folded panels into the mounted large endplates. 

Here, the side with hook and loop fastener strips should unfold towards the tailgate while the side with pre-drilled holes folds up towards the cab.

BAK Instructions, Step 4
  1. Install the 1″ bolts and nuts to mount the cab side panel to the large endplates. 

The 4 bolts and nuts should be on each side, top, and bottom, utilizing the large endplate slots. The box panels should be centered. 

BAK Instructions, Step 5a

Place the sliding tray on top of the box sides. 

BAK Instructions, Step 5b

Installation tip: When you install the large end plates onto the rails, do not tighten fully.  This will help for future alignment.

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