BAK Revolver X2 vs X4 Tonneau Covers

Bak Revolver X2
Bak Revolver X4

BAK manufactures some of the best and most durable tonneau covers in the market.

Two of its best-selling covers are of the Revolver X Series, consisting of the BAK Revolver X2 and BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Covers.

Both of these truck bed covers are top-end and come highly rated by past purchasers with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

But, both being top rated, choosing between the two can be a little tricky being that the only obvious difference is the finishing.

But we are going to get into the nitty gritty details and highlight all the differences; both obvious and hidden.

Below is a complete review of the differences and similarities between the two tonneau covers.

FeaturesBAK Revolver X2BAK Revolver X4
ConstructionAutomatic aluminum rotational locking rails with vinyl overlayAutomatic aluminum rotational locking rails with vinyl overlay
FinishGloss black finishMatte black finish
Edge designFlat and almost seamless edgesRaised edges with a trim design
Water resistanceHigh level of water resistanceHigh level of water resistance
Weight capacity400 lbs of evenly distributed weight400 lbs of evenly distributed wieigh
Locking leversThick and durable3 times thicker than Bak Revolver X2
Latching systemAutomatic Patented Slam Latch systemAutomatic Patented Slam Latch system
CompatibilityCompatible with stake-hole mounted accessoriesCompatible with stake-hole mounted accessories
Warranty3-year warranty5-year warranty
Price range$1029.88-$1009.88 $969.88-$1079
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Both BAK Revolver X2 and BAK Revolver X4 are constructed using automatic aluminum slats as the frame.

This gives them structure as well as sturdiness. On top of the aluminum frame is a textured vinyl overlay on both truck bed covers.

The combination of the high-quality aluminum and vinyl materials makes both tonneau covers very strong and resistant to possible dents.

The vinyl material, for instance, has a UV protectant embedded into it. This protects it from losing its color from the harmful UV rays. It also prevents warping and chalking.

The aluminum slats are coated to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Weight capacity

While the aluminum slats are very lightweight and reduce wind drag, they are also very sturdy. Both tonneau covers can support up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight.

This makes them almost as strong as most hard fold tonneau covers.

As a result, the covers are suitable even for areas frequented with snow as they can support the weight.

But, for the sake of longer durability, it is advisable to avoid subjecting the tonneau covers to very heavy loads as that can weaken them.


Latch on Bak Revolver X4 tonneau cover and Bak Revolver X2 tonneau cover

One of the best features of hard roll-up tonneau covers is that they offer advanced security protection.

They are sleek and easy to operate as the soft roll-ups. And also very tough and secure like a hard fold tonneau cover.

While soft roll-ups are not as secure since they can be cut through, hard roll-ups are very tough, thanks to the aluminum slats.

This is reflected in both the BAK Revolver X2 and Revolver X4. They also both feature the rotational locking rails that when closed, secure the full lengths of the truck bed.

To make them even more secure, the tonneau covers are designed with an Automatic Patented Slam Latch System.

This locks the tonneau cover at the tailgate, keeping all your gear safe and secure.

Water resistance

No tonneau cover is waterproof, but these two BAK revolver hard roll up tonneau covers come close to being that. They are also highly resistant to other weather elements like dust.

To begin with, their tough vinyl overlay has zero air spaces, and this makes the material completely waterproof. It will help repel water during car wash as well as through rainstorms.

Some water that rolls off the vinyl overlay may try seeping through the rails. But they are stopped by the EPDM rubber side seals before they get into the truck bed.

In some instances, water may also pass through these rubber seals. In this case, the rail system will channel them into the drainage tubes, which will direct them out of the vehicle.

BAK Revolver X2 and Revolver X4 also come with extra weather stripping that you can use on the tailgate for even more water resistance.

All these features function together to protect your valuable gear from water and other weather elements.

Unfortunately, even with all these, during heavy downpours, you may get a few leaks inside the truck bed. But, don’t worry – this is never enough to cause any damages.


Both the Revolver X2 and Revolver X4 tonneau covers come in very low profile designs that lay flush with the truck bed rails.

This gives the truck a seamless, factory-installed look that blends well with your truck.

A low profile means less wind drag which improves your fuel mileage.

The only difference is the edges. The BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover has edges that are almost flush with the bed rails, while BAK Revolver X4 has slightly raised edges

But we will discuss this under the differences.


Each of these tonneau covers is very easy to install. No drilling is necessary and with the lightweight aluminum and vinyl materials, you can easily carry the roll up tonneau cover on your own.

These BAK tonneau covers both install inside the truck bed. Besides giving them low profile looks, this also ensures that the stake hole pockets are not covered.

This allows the stake-hole mounted accessories like racks to be mounted on the truck even with the tonneau covers on.

These BAK Revolver tonneau covers also come preassembled and all you need to do is align it with the truck bed, tighten the clamps and you are good to go.


Vinyl finish

Bak Revolver X4 and Revolver X2: vinyl finish

The most noticeable difference between BAK Revolver X2 and BAK Revolver X4 is their vinyl finish. While the BAK Revolver X2 comes in a gloss black finish, the BAK Revolver X4 tonneau cover has a matte black finish.

The glossy finish has a sleek and classy appearance and it can shine in direct sunlight.

Matte black on the other hand looks a bit rugged yet without a shine.

Locking levers

This is not very obvious but it makes a difference between the two truck bed covers, specifically on their durability.

While both of the covers have thick and durable locking levers, the ones on the BAK Revolver X4 tonneau cover are thicker. This allows them to withstand more force during use, hence more durable.

But this is not very noticeable and will not make much difference.

Edge design/appearance

Bak Revolver X4 and Revolver X2: Edge design/appearance

Generally, the BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover appears sleek and very seamless, while the BAK Revolver X4 appears more rugged.

This is attributed by a number of features, beginning with the matte finish against the gloss.

Another feature is the edges. The BAK Revolver X2 is designed with flat edges that lay almost completely flush with the truck bed rails.

This gives a sleek and neat appearance that will blend in with your truck.

On the other hand, the edges on Revolver X4 are a little bit raised on the sides.

While this does not give the perfect sleek appearance, it creates a bold and rugged look, giving it an outstanding appearance.


Both covers are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. BAK Revolver X2 has a 3-year warranty and the BAK Revolver X4 has a 5-year warranty. The warranties apply on both the aluminum frame as well as the vinyl overlay.


The two truck bed covers are almost the same price, but the BAK Revolver X4 is a little bit pricier. It ranges between $1029.88-$1009.88 while BAK Revolver X2 ranges between $969.88-$1079

Which one is for you?

The BAK Revolver X2 and Revolver X4 tonneau covers are more similar than they are different. Their performance is the same, the material, their level of water resistance, and so on.

But their main difference trickles down to the aesthetics, starting with the matte black finish against the glossy one.

BAK Revolver X4 comes out as bold, rugged, and aggressive while the Revolver X2 is more classy and sleek. While these differences are not very significant, they are enough to guide you in the right direction to what really suits your taste.

You may also want to make the decision basing on your budget.

In case you are looking for alternatives of the two, you should consider TruXedo Sentry. You could also go with the hard folding tonneau covers, and the BakFlip series by BAK industries has the best of that.

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