Interested in a BAK Tonneau Cover? Here Are The Options You Have

Why did you buy a truck and not a car? 

For most people, it’s because they want to use the truck bed. Are you one of them?

If so, then chances are, you would not want to install accessories that would jeopardize your usage of the truck bed, tonneau covers included.

Thanks to companies like BAK Industries, this doesn’t have to be a worry.

BAK Industries manufactures tonneau covers that are easy to install when needed, and out of the way when not. This gives you access to your entire truck bed.

With the high-quality material and precise workmanship, BAK truck bed covers are easily the best in the market.

We put together a detailed list of features and brief descriptions to give you an easier time deciding which is best for you.

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Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

BAKFlip G2 

BAKFlip G2 installed over a truck bed

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The cover also features drainage tubes that channel out any extra water that may find its way into the rails. 

Made for a truck owner that needs something economical but still functional and stylish.


  • Made of strong aircraft-grade aluminum panels 
  • Has a UV-resistant powder coat 
  • Weather resistant synthetic rubber seals 
  • Has a standard foam core that supports up to 300lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • Does not block your 3rd brake light 
  • Delivered with a 3 year warranty


The BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover is among BAK Industries’ best sellers. 

It is made of aluminum panels that are powder-coated to reduce vulnerability to scratches and dents. It’s also UV-resistant to prevent fading. 

The tonneau cover has EPDM rubber seals along its rails. This is a type of synthetic rubber, known for its flexibility to weather temperatures.

Hot or cold, the rubber seal remains the same without becoming brittle. As a result, your truck bed’s cover remains highly water-resistant all through its lifetime.     

This truck bed cover folds up to offer full truck bed access while taking only about an inch of your truck bed space. 

Lastly, the G2 installs inside the truck bed rails. This comes with two advantages: it allows the use of other accessories like racks, and it gives your vehicle a seamless look.

For more information, check out why the BAKFlip G2 is so popular.


  • Available at an affordable starting price of $809.88
  • Allows closing and opening the tailgate whether the tonneau is open or not
  • Completely flush low profile gives a seamless appearance


  • Not as tough as its counterparts since it has a standard foam core of .5″

BAKFlip F1 

BAKFlip F1 installed over a truck bed

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Ideal for any truck owner who intends to carry heavy cargo on top of the cover and wants to avoid the dents and scratches. 

With this, you must be ready to spend a little more.


  • Made of strong durable aluminum panels 
  • High-gloss Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) top surface
  • Has a premium foam core that supports up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • Does not block 3rd brake light 
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty


This is another bestseller from BAK Industries. 

The BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover comes in tough aluminum construction and a powder-coated fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) top surface.

For most truck owners, the FRP top is the selling point. This is because, on top of being very lightweight, it is also resistant to dents, scratches, and dings. 

This, coupled with the premium foam core, makes the cover indestructible and allows it to carry heavier cargo on top.

The BAKFlip F1 also features EPDM weather seals and drainage tubes that keep the truck bed dry.


  • Completely dent, ding and scratch-resistant thanks to the FRP top
  • Very strong because of the premium foam core


  • Has a starting price of $1039.99 which is about $100-$200 more than the other hard folding covers
Headshot of Alan, founder of Partcatalog

From Alan, Founder of Partcatalog

Whenever a customer asks for a strong tonneau cover that does not scratch or dent easily, I like suggesting BAKFlip F1 because it checks all the boxes.

If they are on a budget, the Fibermax is always a good alternative.

BAKFlip Fibermax

BAKFlip Fibermax installed on a truck

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Made for you if you don’t intend to carry heavy cargo on top, but need an economical option that does not scratch, dent, or ding.


  • Made of tough aluminum construction
  • Has a fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) top skin
  • Features synthetic outer rail weather seals
  • UV & Impact resistant
  • Has a standard foam core that supports up to 300lbs of evenly distributed weight 
  • Delivered with a 3-year warranty


Now if you don’t need an all-aluminum tonneau cover and also don’t want to break the bank, the BAKFlip Fibermax is your go-to. 

The cover also features a fiberglass-reinforced polymer top surface. Like mentioned earlier, this material is more lightweight than aluminum and it is dent, ding, and scratch-resistant.

This means your cover will keep looking new even after many years of use.

One potential deal-breaker though: the cover has a standard foam core. This gives it a lower weight capacity of only 300lbs. 

But, this should not matter if you do not intend to put heavy cargo on top of the cover. 


  • Is dent, ding and scratch resistant, which keeps it looking new
  • Comes at a starting price of only $919, making it more affordable than the MX4 and F1
  • Lightweight, making it easy to install and remove


  • A little less stronger than its counterparts because of the standard foam core


Someone touching a BAKFlip MX4 installed over a truck bed

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The MX4 tonneau cover is made for a truck owner that intends to carry heavy cargo on top of the cover. It is also what you go for if you need something unique and with a matte finish.


  • Made of durable aluminum panels
  • Has a matte black finish
  • Dual tailgate performance that allows opening the tailgate with the cover open or closed
  • Has a premium foam core that supports up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight 
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


BAKFlip MX4 Cover is the most advanced and stand-out BAK truck bed cover. Why?

First off, the tonneau cover comes in a quad-fold design. This means it folds four times, instead of three times like the typical hard folding tonneau covers. 

As a result, when folded and flipped up against the cab, the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover does not completely block the rear visibility.

Secondly, it has a neat matte black finish that gives it a rugged, yet seamless look.

The truck bed cover also has a premium foam core of .75 inches. This is really thick and coupled with the strong full aluminum construction, the cover supports a lot of weight on top.

Also, the dual-action tailgate performance allows you to open and close the tailgate regardless of whether the cover is open or not.

Find more details on what makes BAKFlip MX4 so special.


  • The matte black finish gives a neat look
  • Very strong thanks to the .75″ premium foam core
  • Dual action tailgate: you can open and close tailgate whether the cover is open or closed


  • Aluminum top is not always completely dent, scratch and ding resistant

Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers

BAK Revolver X2 

A person rolling up a BAK Revolver X2

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Made for a truck owner that does not want a hard folding cover but still needs the strength and security.


  • Made of aluminum slats with a heavy-duty vinyl overlay
  • Has a high-gloss finish
  • Has automatic rotational locking rails
  • Side rail seals keep water out
  • Has no velcro or stitching that can wear out
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover offers the best of both worlds, just like all hard rolling truck bed covers. 

It is made of strong underlay aluminum slats and a vinyl tarp on top over the slats. 

The slats give it the strength of a hard tonneau cover, making it strong against theft. 

The heavy-duty tarp offers a smooth appearance that blends well with factory finishes.

It also secures the full length of the truck bed, keeping the rain and the elements out.

With your tailgate locked, your tonneau cover becomes completely secure.

No wannabe thief will be able to break into your truck bed, thanks to the automatic rotational locking rails.

One thing you may miss though is driving with the cover at different positions like is possible with the hard-folds.

With rolling tonneau covers, you either close or open them completely.


  • Unbreakable security, thanks to the automatic rotational locking rails 
  • No velcro or stitching which often tends to wear out fast over time


  • Does not have multiple locking positions

BAK Revolver X4 

BAK Revolver X4 installed on a Ford truck

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Ideal for a truck owner who does not want a hard folding cover, but needs almost similar strength and security. Also made for matte lovers.


  • Made of durable aluminum slats
  • Has a a heavy-duty vinyl overlay with matte black finish
  • Features automatic rotational locking rails for top security
  • Has weathertight side rail seals
  • No velcro or stitching
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


BAK Revolver X4 shares the same features as the BAK Revolver X2, only that it has a matte black finish instead of glossy.  

Though not very noticeable on the get-go, the truck bed cover also has thicker locking levers. This allows them to withstand force better and last longer.

This is a benefit because, with a worn-out locking lever, it is easy for someone to break into your truck bed. 


  • The matte black finishing gives a high-quality look
  • Maximum security with the automatic rotational locking rails
  • Thicker locking levers that last longer


  • Does not lock at different positions

BAK Revolver X4S

Partially open Revolver X4S On a GMC truck

This is made for a truck owner that needs the regular performance of a hard roll-up but with a little rugged vibe. 


  • Has matte black aluminum rails on the underbody
  • Has a matte black industrial-grade vinyl tarp
  • Features automatic rotational locking rails
  • Has smooth flat side rail seals 
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


As the newest member in the Revolver series, X4S does not differ much from its counterparts. 

Like the X4, it comes in a neat matte black vinyl tarp that blends seamlessly with the factory finishing. 

The difference is on the underside, where it has matte black aluminum rails that complement the matte finish of the tarp. 

This is the only distinguishing feature between the BAK Revolver X4 and X4s.


  • The matte black tarp and rails give a neat and complementing look
  • No velcro or stitching that usually tears and wears down easily
  • Smooth flat side rails give a more seamless and flush look


  • Does not lock at different positions

Rack Integrated Tonneau Covers


BAKFlip CS installed on a Toyota Tacoma truck

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Made for a truck owner that does a lot of hauling and would like to add more hauling options, particularly contractors with large cargo like ladders and lumber.


  • Made up of the BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover and a cargo system 
  • Has an integrated Contractor Rack
  • Slides in rails for multiple positions
  • Supports 500lbs of evenly distributed weight 
  • Has a 3-year warranty


The BAKFlip CS is an integration of the BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover and a cargo management system.

The best part about the rack is that it can slide in multiple positions, allowing you to haul equipment of different sizes on it.

The rack can support up to 500 lbs of evenly distributed weight.


  • With the rack, top of the tonneau cover and inside the truck bed, you get multiple hauling spaces.
  • Rack can slide in different positions to carry differently-sized and shaped cargo


  • The top surface is not very scratch, dent and ding resistant


BAKFlip CS installed on a truck with cargo hauled on top of the rack

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Made for a heavy-user truck owner looking for multiple hauling options and the scratch and dent resistance of a fiberglass-reinforced polymer.


  • Has the BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover and a cargo system rack
  • Has advanced impact resistance
  • Supports 500lbs of evenly distributed weight capacity
  • Delivered with a 5-year warranty


As the name suggests, the BAKFlip CS/F1 truck bed cover integrates a cargo management system and the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover.

This is a combination any contractor would want. 

The F1 tonneau cover has a fiberglass-reinforced polymer, which is a lightweight, scratch, and dent-resistant material. 

It also comes with a premium foam core that enables it to support up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

This, combined with the rack, gives you a chance to carry the most on your vehicle and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.


  • Provides multiple hauling options
  • Has a very strong tonneau cover
  • The tonneau cover is scratch, dent, and ding resistant


  • It’s pricier than most BAK tonneau covers by about 

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