The BAKFlip FiberMax in Depth

If you’ve ever looked for a tonneau cover from BAK Industries, then you must have heard of the BAKFlip FiberMax.

But why is it so popular? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

When your truck bed is exposed, your cargo is prone to theft and weather damage. For this reason, many people rely on tonneau covers to provide an extra layer of protection. 

The BAKFlip FiberMax cover will meet most of your needs, if not all. In this article, we will take you through an in-depth analysis of the FiberMax bed cover.

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BakFlip FiberMax: The Good And The Bad

The BAKFlip FiberMax has all the features of a standard aluminum BAKFlip. A few more features have been added to it like the fiberglass reinforced polymer surface that makes it ding, dent, and scuff resistant. 

It’s also cooler to the touch. It’s an easy-to-use, reliable tonneau cover because of its robust hinge design, tough aluminum substructure, and patented slam latch.

Check our article on fiberglass tonneau covers to see how the BakFlip FiberMax compares with the other fiberglass options. 

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Features of the Bakflip FiberMax Tonneau Cover

  • FRP Fiberglass reinforced polymer panel top that is dent proof
  • Added flush hinge system
  • Modular latches for a proper fit
  • Rail gundes for easy mounting
  • Maximum water resistant EPDM rail seals
  • Quick release attachment system

The FiberMax has some improvements that have been made to it like the brand new hinge system. It is completely flush and what’s beautiful about it is how it handles water drainage. 

It does not pool up in your hinges and then overflow on the side, but rather drives water off the side of the cover. 

Tip: The BAKFlip FiberMax is guaranteed to be much better in ice weather and water. When it comes to hail, the Bakflip FiberMax is pretty impact-resistant.

Additionally, each panel on the back of the BAKFlip FiberMax is designed to handle about 100 to 150 pounds of evenly distributed weight. 

BakFlip Fibermax Cover on a Truck

The slam latches on the front panel allow you to easily lock the cover in position. There are D rings on top and under the cover that you can easily cordon off with a bungee cord or strap to drive the cover in an incremental position. 

One of the things you’ll notice about the BAKFlip FiberMax truck bed cover is the rubber bumpers on the outside. They protect the cab, when the cover is in an upright position, from scratches and even extreme impact without actually. In addition to just giving you full access to your truck bed.

The prop rods can be used to keep the product from falling back but do not actually hold it in position. Impact doesn’t put any pressure on it whatsoever. 

Your rails will not be damaged and if anything impacts it like a shifting rod or sliding load, it will not have any kind of impact or damage to your rail.

The FiberMax rail has a pretty robust rubber seal along the inside of the edge, but more critically on the outer edge. It is a malleable seal that sits next to the rail to keep water out. 

In critical weather where it snows, rains, or is icy, the cover has integrated drains on the inside. This comes in handy in case water leaks in and the outside has double insurance of the beautiful seal running on the outside of the edge. That keeps the bed dry, safe, and secure on the inside.

A unique feature of the FiberMax is that when closed, it automatically latches shut. You do not need to manually operate it. For full security, all you have to do is shut your tailgate and lock it. It is made 100 percent in the USA with American components.

Propped up BakFlip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

Pros And Cons of The BAKFlip FiberMax


  • You can use your whole bed with the  cover. The cover can be opened up to the bulkhead of your  truck when you want to carry an oversized cargo. You can safely drive your truck with the cover open, the struts hold it in place.
  • The water drainage capability of the  cover makes it worthwhile. The rails have an integrated water drainage system that channels water away from your bed.
  • Installing the FiberMax is easy and requires no drilling to be complete. A wrench and socket is enough for the installation.
  • The EPDM rubber seals of the cover seals along the rails and hinges to prevent water from draining into your truck’s bed.
  • The FiberMax is built using FRP fiberglass reinforced polymer  panels that are resistant to scratches and dents.
  • Using the FiberMax is easy for anyone. An automatic latching system holds the panels in place. When you want to open the cover then you can use the strings on either side to detach the latches and fold up the cover.


  • It is not 100% waterproof but is water-resistant and will help keep your cargo sheltered against the elements.

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How Do You Install BakFlip FiberMax Truck Bed Cover?

There are a wide variety of BAKFlip tonneau cover applications for the wide range of trucks on the road. The installation will vary in different ways based on the model and year of your truck. 

This method is a general one for BAKFlip tonneau covers. You will receive an installation guide for your exact truck model and year with your purchase.

The steps: 

  1. To make installation easier, we recommend asking a friend or family member to be a helper. This will help when moving the tonneau into place.
  2. To install your new BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau cover, you’ll need a 9/16 wrench.
  3. Place the tonneau cover on your truck’s bed rails.
  4. Secure it to the two supporting rails with the clamps on both sides of the truck bed.
  5. Using the 9/16 wrench, tighten all the clams on both sides of your truck bed to secure the cover. 
BakFlip Fibermax cover at a closer look

Tip: Most of the BAKFlip covers have three clams on both sides, but longer truck beds may have four clams for extra security. Your tonneau order will come with everything necessary for a perfect installation.

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Our Thoughts

As a tonneau cover, the BAKFlip FiberMax is a great option.

When it comes to your cargo, what is important is transporting and storing them in your truck without any damage or theft occurring.  That’s exactly what the BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau cover has to offer.

The FiberMax is designed for that very purpose and will keep your cargo secure and protect it from harsh weather conditions.