Best Car Floor Mats For Snow

It pays to take care of your factory carpet.

The snow that is tracked into your car, truck, or SUV will eventually melt. When this happens, the water will flow into the path of least resistance. If you have poor quality car mats – or worse, no floor mats – the water will seep into your factory floor.

This can have many effects.

First of all, it will keep your floor damp and sometimes smelly. Damp floors are more prone to grow mold or mildew as well as spread bacteria. This can be a danger to both your vehicle as well as to your health.

Water can also damage and rust the parts beneath your carpet, hence reducing your resale value.

Installing high-quality weather mats can help you solve this problem. Here is a list of 5 floor mats that will protect your carpet from snow.

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Our Recommendations:

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor LinersRaised edges contain water and snow on the liner
Deep surface channels trap water and snow
Waterproof material
Well-fitting design for full coverage
Anti-slip surface
Retention system and cleats keep the liner in place
Lifetime warranty
Not very easy to clean and can take longer because of the deep grooves and surface channels
WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor LinersAdvanced surface channels prevent snow and water from flowing
Raised lips contain the elements on the liner
Perfectly fitting design for full coverage
Retention system prevents the liner from shifting around Waterproof material
Easy to clean
Lifetime warranty
Pricier than the other floor mats and liners
Husky Liners X-Act ContourRidges scrape snow off your shoes
Surface channels trap snow
Raised edges contain the mess on the liner
Exact fitting
Retention system and Stay
Put CleatsWaterproof material
Can freeze up a little bit during cold temperatures because of the rigid thermoplastic construction
3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats Anti-slip backing and top surface
Perfect fit for full coverage
Waterproof material
Raised edges contain water on the mat
Not very deep grooves but it is compensated for by the microfiber texture and carbon fiber print on top surface
WeatherTech All-Weather Floor MatsDeeply sculpted surface channels
Waterproof material prevents water from seeping through
Exact fit on the floorboard
Anti-slip surface
Retention system keeps it in place
Lifetime warranty
Short edges which is compensated for by the very deeply sculpted surface channels

Must-have-features for a good floor mat for snow

1. Ridges/surface channels

These are the 3D sculpted channels on the car mats meant to trap snow, water, and other elements. The ridges also scrape snow off shoes. Without these, water and snow will easily flow to the carpet. These channels can help direct the melted snow away from your boots into the designed reservoir. 

2. Waterproof construction

The floor mat you choose for snow has to be waterproof. This is the reason why rubber floor mats are preferred for snow prone areas and seasons as they do not absorb water and they are 100% waterproof.

3. Raised edges

If you track in a lot of snow, after melting it will overflow to the sides of the liner and onto the carpet.

To counter this, the floor liner has to have raised edges to keep the water on the liner and not allow it to overflow to the sides.

4. Well-fitting design

A well-fitting floor mat equals full coverage which equals full protection against snow and its effects. It is important that the car mat fits well and cover every part of your floorboard.

5. Non-slip material

While protecting your factory floor, it is crucial to mind your safety and comfort as well. A slippery floor can cause discomfort and risk your safety. Features like surface grooves and non-slip construction material create traction and prevent slipping.

6. Retention system and cleats

Retention systems and cleats help keep your liner in place and prevent it from shifting around. This is important because when your car mat shifts to one side, it leaves the other side open for snow and other elements. Always look out for this in every liner your buy. 

Best Car Floor Mats For Snow

1. Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners

Husky Liners WeatherBeater is one of the best mats for protecting your factory floor against snow.

It has a strong and durable DuraGrip material construction that can work both in extreme cold and extreme heat. The material does not shrink or freeze up during cold weather. It is also resistant to chemicals and will not react to any if poured on it.

But most importantly, the liner is great protection against snow. It has all the right features, from the deep ridges and channels to the raised lips that work together to contain the messes inside.

These are some of its benefits:

Deep ridges and surface channels

Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners feature ridges and deep surface channels. These ridges help scrape the snow and dirt off the bottom of your shoes. The surface channels will then trap the snow and water, preventing them from flowing to your carpet. 

Raised lips/high edges

Husky’s WeatherBeater features patented FormFit Edges which go as high as the footwell.

The raised lips or high edges work together with the ridges and surface channels. They run along the door jam as well as other corners of the floorboard. This traps all the mess inside the liner with no chance of overflowing.

Waterproof material

The mat’s thermoplastic material is extremely waterproof. It does not absorb water and neither does it permit it to pass through. This makes it just the perfect shield against snow.

Retention Posts & Cleats

It is important that the floor liners always remain in place. This is because if they keep moving, the snow or water will easily flow to the corners and onto the carpet.

This liner has a retention system that installs into the factory retention system.

It also features exclusive StayPut Cleats which also help to keep them in place.

Perfect fit design

Husky Liners use lasers and computers to measure the vehicle’s floorboards. They use these measurements to design and make the floor mats.

These carpet floor mats have a precision fit to perfectly match and follow the contours of your floorboard. There will be no gaps for water and snow to get to the carpet.


While you are protecting your carpet from the snow, you also have yourself and your safety to think of. Wet surfaces can get slippery and this can be unsafe as well as uncomfortable.

This is taken care of by the several ridges and surface channels on the mat. They create traction between your shoe and the surface, preventing your shoes from slipping.

2. WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats

WeatherTech DigitalFit capitalizes on its raised edges and custom-fit design to increase its protective features.

It is a little bit pricier than other floor liners but it is all worth it.

You’ve probably seen a WeatherTech commercial or billboard. This brand is very familiar to most people, and have a strong reputation for all-weather mats.

This is how it protects your factory carpet from snow:

Raised edges

As mentioned earlier, a liner must have raised edges in order to provide maximum protection against snow.

WeatherTech DigitalFit features raised edges that curl over the edge of the footwell. This ensures that all the snow and water will remain on the liner until you decide to pour them out.  

Perfect fit design

One of the outstanding features of this liner is its perfectly fitting design.

The floor liner is laser measured; it is configured to the exact floor specifications. As a result, the liner will fit perfectly, following every corner of your footwell, and leaving no spaces. With no gaps between the floor and the mat, the water from the snow will not be able to flow to your carpet. 

Advanced surface channels

Water flows faster on surfaces with the least resistance.

WeatherTech DigitalFit features advanced surface channels that trap the snow.

The surface channels also create resistance, reducing the flow of water and containing it on the mat.

Retention system

The retention system on this WeatherTech liner is also an important addition. It integrates with the factory’s retention system and keep the mats in place.

This is important because in case the liner slides and moves to the sides, it will be easier for the snow or water to get to the carpet.


This liner is 100% waterproof. The High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material is solid without any air spaces and so it contains the water, allowing none to seep through. 

3. Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Liners

X-Act Contour is another top-end floor liner. It has almost the same features as the WeatherBeater.

The only difference is that this is more rigid because of its thermoplastic Olefins (TPO) construction and not DuraGrip.

The thermoplastic material is incredibly strong and durable with a form fit design. It has one downside though. During extreme cold, the material tends to freeze up, making it difficult to adjust or move around. Besides that, the two have the same features and offer the same level of protection.

Raised edges

X-Act Contour floor liner has raised edges, though they do not go as high as DigitalFit and WeatherBeater. But they still function quite well and the melted snow will not be able to overflow past the corners. The liner has raised edges that go over the door jam and other edges of the footwell. These make sure there is full coverage of the floorboard and maximum protection.

Perfect fitting design

The floor mats are made to offer full coverage for every part of the floorboard.  They are designed with exact configurations of the floorboard, ensuring each vehicle model has a perfect fitting mat. It lines up with the contours of the vehicle, ensuring no part is left open to the snow. 

Deep grooves

Just like the WeatherBeater, this floor mat also features deep grooves. These grooves collect and trap water and snow, keeping them off your carpet as well as your feet.

These grooves are also a safety measure since they provide traction, preventing your shoes from slipping even when it is wet.

Retention System & Cleats

The liner features both a retention system and StayPut Cleats on the backside. These help lock down your mat, preventing it from moving around and allowing the water to flow.


Like all rubber floor mats, this is also waterproof. Absolutely no water will pass through to your carpet.

4. 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats

MAXpider is among the leading manufacturers of floor mats. Their 3D MAXpider Kagu is no disappointment.

It has many notable features, like the multi-layer construction that offers waterproof protection. It is also one of the best looking floor mats.

Our customers are fan of this mat because it has a minimalist look, and blends in better with the interior. It doesn’t look as “commercial” or “rugged” as some of the other weather floor mats.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the floor mat:

Raised edges 

3D MAXpider also features elevated edge design. These are meant to trap snow and water as well as other messes when they happen. 

Waterproof construction

3D MAXpider has a multi-layer thermoplastic construction. This innovative construction provides waterproof protection while offering a sleek modern texture.

Surface Channels

Though MAXpider does not have deep surface channels this is compensated by its microfiber texture top layer and the 3D designs.

These create resistance to the flow of water and movement of snow, forcing them to stay on the mat.

Retention system

The liner is designed to work with factory retention system posts or clips. This is to make sure it remains in place, lest it moves to one side and give way for the snow or water to flow to your carpet.

Maximum floor coverage

Each 3D MAXpider floor mat is custom-made for your specific car make and model. The custom-molded design enables it to provide extensive area coverage on the floorboard.

5. WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats

Best all Weather Floor Mats for snow

WeatherTech All-Weather Floor mats are also a good choice for protecting your mat against snow.

From the name, the mats are designed to offer protection against weather elements, snow being one of them.

It has a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)  construction which is 100% recyclable and waterproof

Waterproof protection

The mat has solid TPE construction. This material does not have any air holes which could permit moisture to pass through.  All most moisture will remain on the mat until poured out.

Surface channels and edges

Best all weather floor mats

The All-Weather Floor Mats have shorter edges compared to the other floor mats.

While these are not a perfect option for snow, we felt it worthy of a mention due to its low price point. If you just have an occasional need for snow protection, or need something cheaper, these are a fine choice.

They have very deep sculpted surface channels. This makes up for the short edges.

The surface channels capture the snow and water and contain them until you can pull the mat out, and empty it. They also scrape off stuck snow on your shoes.

We always recommend one of the above custom fit options above a semi-universal fit mat, but this is the most affordable protection for snow.

They come at a much better price point than the custom fit alternatives.

Retention system

The WeatherTech All-Weather floor mats feature a retention system which keep them in place and prevent them from shifting around underfoot. This makes sure the mat does not leave a space for the snow and water to pass through.

Semi-Universal fit

These are semi-universal fit mats, so it will not have perfect protection. It is a one-size-fits-most mat.

We mention this as a worthy option because of its low price point. For those that just need something cheap, or only have a couple of snow days a year, this is a fine option during winter months.


The 3D designs on the weather floor mats create traction that makes it anti-slip and safe to use even wet.

Cargo Weather Floor Mats

While it is not likely for snow to get into this area, there are a few occasions where they do. For instance, some vehicle models are made in such a way that when you open the trunk lid and there is snow on it, the snow will fall inside the trunk.

Having a cargo floor liner in your trunk can help prevent the snow from getting to your carpet and so keep it dry all the time.

The above-mentioned car mats are all available for the front and rear parts of the vehicle as well as the cargo area. The best part is, the mats come in a variety of colors to match your vehicle’s interior.

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