Best Tonneau Covers Under $500

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Tonneau covers are an essential accessory for every truck. 

They do a lot, like protecting your cargo from thieves, keeping the cargo safe from road and weather elements, improving your fuel mileage, and improving your ride’s style. 

The list goes on and on.

However, tonneau covers can sometimes be a little bit pricey, especially when you get into some of the premium options. 

But what if that was not the case? 

What if you can manage to protect your cargo without spending too much?

The best part is that it is possible. 

We have compiled a list of 5 top-quality tonneau covers that are under $500 but still work as well as expensive ones.

  1. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series Truck Bed Cover
  2. TonnoPro LoRoll Roll Up Truck Bed Cover
  3. WeatherTech Roll Up Tonneau Cover
  4. Best Tonneau Cover Slightly Above $500
  5. Other Notable Mentions

1. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series Truck Bed Cover


  • Heavy-duty high-quality canvas material for the tarp instead of soft vinyl fabric
  • Lightweight, air-craft grade aluminum frame
  • WeatherTuff seals at all contact points keep out all the weather and road elements
  • Easy-to-operate self-locking EZ-Lock clamps for added security
  • Easy to install with no drilling needed
  • Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Starting price of $449.99

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The Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series is one of the most affordable yet functional tonneau covers. It is a soft tri-fold and has a starting price of $449.99. This is incredibly affordable since most tri-fold tonneau covers go for higher prices. Despite its low price, the tri-folding tonneau cover still performs as well as the high-end pickup truck bed covers.


Extang folding tonneau cover signature series

The Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series is almost identical to Extang Trifecta 2.0. The only differentiating feature is the construction material for the tarp.

Unlike most pickup truck bed covers, the Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series is not constructed using leather grain vinyl. Its tarp is constructed using top-quality, heavy-duty canvas material.

The canvas material has an edge in design and features styling lines that make it even more appealing.

The material is also dirt-resistant and super easy to clean. You can just hose it down with water and it’s clean.

The Trifecta Signature Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover also has durable aluminum bows which have a slight bend. When installed, the bend will raise the tarp a little bit in the middle. 

This will ensure water does not pool on top of the cover.

Profile and design

Extang trifecta signature series folding cover

Another great feature of the cover is the WeatherTuff seals.

These are placed in all the contact points between the cover and the truck’s bed rails. They ensure no weather or road element passes through into the truck bed.

The Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series also has a distinctive style. 

It has smooth corners that gives it a unique and stylish appearance. 

This, together with the low-profile design keeps the truck bed cover looking great.

Operation, installation and removal

The patented E-Z Clamps are also a signature feature of this Extang tri-folding tonneau cover. They are super easy to operate and they self-lock in position for added security.

Installing the cover is as easy as can be. Simply position it, tighten the clamps and it will be up and functional with zero drilling.

The Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature Series is for you if you don’t want to break the bank the more expensive tri-fold covers, not to mention the hard folding tonneau covers.

2. TonnoPro LoRoll Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

Tonnopro loroll truck bed cover


  • Tear-resistant tarp made from double-sided 24 oz. vinyl
  • Extremely tough powder-coat all aluminum underbody frame
  • Complete access to the entire truck bed
  • Low profile; sitting only around 3/4 inches above the truck bed
  • Self-adjusting tension control
  • Comes pre-assembled for quick and easy mounting
  • Made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Starting price $289.99

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The TonnoPro LoRoll is another high-value cover that comes at a very friendly price. The cover is a soft roll-up and its starting price is as low as $289.99- $398.00 depending on the vehicle make and model.


One of the most notable features of the tonneau cover is its durable, weather-resistant construction. The cover is constructed using tear-resistant double-sided 24 oz. vinyl. To make it even stronger, the material has marine-grade stitching.

Compared to the usual industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl, this 24 oz. is way stronger. As a result, the TonnoPro LoRoll can last longer than most soft roll-ups at its level.

Profile and design

Tonnopro loroll latch

The low profile design of the cover also makes it really stand out. Sitting only about 3/4 inches above the truck bed, the tonneau cover gives a streamlined look.

Besides enhancing the looks of your vehicle, the low profile also does a great job at reducing wind drag.

Another feature you might appreciate about the TonnoPro LoRoll is its self-adjusting tension control.

The tension control is designed to sense any changes in temperature and make the necessary adjustments.

As a result, the cover always remains tight and in perfect fit with the truck bed. This makes the cover suitable for any type of temperature; hot or cold.

Operation, installation and removal

Installing the cover will take approximately 25 minutes. Since it comes pre-installed it only requires that you align it with the truck bed and tighten the clamps.

When it comes to opening the cover, simply pull the trigger latch at the tailgate on the driver’s side then roll it up. You can also remove the cover in just a few minutes without any tools.

The cover allows the use of stake-hole-pockets-mounted accessories.

3. WeatherTech Roll Up Tonneau Cover

weathertech soft roll up cover


  • Made from textured, double-coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl
  • 6000 series aluminum black bars, bows, and rails
  • Auto latch II latching system for added security
  • Rear and front seals for weather-tight performance
  • Custom-fit for popular truck models
  • 1-inch low profile design
  • 100% bed access
  • Manual tension control system for a tight fit
  • Easy to install with no drilling
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 5-year warranty

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WeatherTech is an all-around industry leader. Its products are always of top-notch quality and workmanship and this roll-up tonneau cover is no exception. 

The tonneau cover is available at a starting price of only $499.95.


To begin with, the cover is made of a textured, double-coated commercial grade reinforced vinyl. 

“Reinforced” is the best part about the material.

When vinyl is reinforced, it is made stronger and more durable. The material becomes resistant to scratch, oxidation, and chemical elements. 

It also becomes resistant to temperature changes. It does not shrink or expand, and this keeps it in perfect shape all the time.

Also, to keep the cover in place and maintain its structure are 6000-Series aluminum black bars, bow, and rails. These are coated and will not rust or corrode in any way.

The cover does a great job at preventing water from getting into the truck bed. It has rear and front seals that completely close the gap between the cover and the truck bed edges.

Profile and design

Besides the strong construction, WeatherTech Roll Up Tonneau Cover also looks attractive. The cover comes in a custom-fit design for popular truck models. 

It has a very low profile design, sitting only 1 inch above the truck’s rails.

Like TonnoPro LoRoll, WeatherTech Tonneau Cover is also suitable for any temperature. 

The only difference is, while LoRoll’s tension control was automatic, WeatherTech’s is not. It requires manual adjustment for it to fit tight and perfect. 

That might be a little inconvenient, but adjusting takes less than a minute.

Operation, installation and removal

Another incredible feature is the Autolatch II latching system, which is one-finger operated. The latch is located near the tailgate and with a single pull, you open the truck bed cover.

The dual auto-latch is also perfect because it offers added security. When you pair this with a lockable tailgate, it will be very difficult for anyone to get access to your bed.

Lastly, the operation of the cover is super easy, especially with the one-finger-operated latch. It also installs easily with no drilling necessary. 

Removing it is also just as easy.

4. Best Tonneau Cover Slightly Above $500

TruXedo Deuce Tonneau Cover

Truxedo deuce soft rolll up cover


  • Dual bed access. You can roll it open towards the cab or fold the front panel for quick access
  • Made of industrial-grade leather grain vinyl for longer durability
  • Rustproof black powder coat aluminum rails and bows
  • Automatic Tension Control keeps the cover tight and snug even in extreme temperatures
  • Easy-to-operate, single trigger latch allows for one-finger operation
  • Easy removal for 100% bed access without any tools necessary
  • Mounts inside of the truck bed, allowing for the use of other accessories
  • Effortless, drill-free installation with no special tools required.
  • Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Starting price of $539.00

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Although the TruXedo Deuce is slightly above $500, it is worth mentioning as it is also very affordable but has a lot to offer. 

The dual soft roll-up tri-fold cover is available at $539-$559 and it is super unique.


The TruXedo Deuce is constructed using durable industrial-grade leather grain vinyl. 

This is the most commonly used material on pickup truck bed covers, especially roll-up tonneau covers. 

It is because the material is tough enough to withstand road and weather elements.

Profile and design

dual access truxedo duece tonneau

Most tonneau covers come with just one way to access the truck bed. That’s by rolling, flipping, folding, or retracting the tonneau cover from the tailgate towards the cab.

But with the TruXedo Deuce, it is a little bit different. The tonneau has 2 ways to open the cover.

What this means is that you can open the tonneau cover both from the cab side and from the tailgate side. 

For full truck bed access, you can roll the cover open the usual way: tailgate to cab.

But there are instances when you need something quickly but it is stored to the furthest end in the truck bed, towards the cab.

In such cases, you do not have to roll the cover open until you reach the item. Simply fold it from the cab side and get the item you need.

The dual bed access is not the only amazing feature of the truck bed cover. 

The cover also features an automatic tension control system. This works by automatically sensing changes in temperature and adjusting the tonneau cover. 

By doing this, the cover remains tight and looking good all the time.

Operation, installation and removal

The installation process is easy, requires no drilling, and no special tools are necessary. 

The cover installs on the inside of the truck bed and leaves the stake hole pockets open. 

This allows for the installation of other accessories.

The operation is also a breeze. The cover has a single trigger latch located next to the tailgate. 

With just one pull of the trigger, the tonneau cover will unlatch and you can roll it open.

And whenever you want to remove this cover, you will not need any tools.

TruXedo Pro X15 Roll Up Tonneau Cover

truxedo pro x15 soft cover


  • Xtra low profile design for a flush-mount look
  • Dirt-resistant superior-grade woven fabric with matte black finish
  • Rust-poof aluminum frame keeps the cover in place
  • Automatic tension control for a tight and great look
  • Quick-release system for fast removal within seconds
  • One-finger operation trigger latch
  • Easy and quick no-drill installation; mounts inside the truck’s bed rails
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Starting price of $499.99

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The most outstanding feature with TruXedo Pro X15 is its extra low profile. 

The flush-mount roll-up cover only costs between $539.00 to $559.00.


The TruXedo Pro X15 is not constructed using soft vinyl fabric like other pickup truck bed covers. It’s made of superior-grade woven fabric, which is another of its unique features. 

This material is very durable and will survive the test of time over the years. 

But the most notable part about the fabric is its high resistance to dirt.

This makes it a perfect choice if you frequently go off-roading because it will not catch dirt. If it does, the dirt will not stick and all you have to do is wipe it off. 

No deep cleaning necessary. 

Also, with the dirt-resistance feature, the soft tonneau cover will keep looking new and maintain the matte black appearance.

Profile and design

truxedo pro x15 soft cover

The TruXedo Pro X15 has a self-leveling design. 

This allows it to lay very flush with the truck bed without protruding up.

It rises zero inches above the truck bed, meaning you can hardly notice it. 

This is only common with retractable tonneau covers that mount completely flush with the bed.

Because of this, you do not have to worry about the tonneau cover compromising your ride’s looks. 

Instead, it will enhance your style, giving it a sleek and aerodynamic look.

To keep the perfect and low profile fit, the tonneau cover has an automatic tension control system. 

This automatically senses changes in temperature. It then adjusts the cover accordingly, keeping it in a perfect fit.

Operation, installation and removal

Operating this roll-up cover is quite simple. It has a one-finger operation next to the tailgate. 

Just pull it once then roll the tonneau cover open.

The quick-release system also makes the soft cover super easy to remove. 

You can do this within a few seconds without using any tools.

The TruXedo Pro X15 installs inside the truck’s bed rails. This is one of the reasons why it has a flush-mount design. 

Mounting inside the truck bed also allows the use of other accessories like racks.

5. Other Notable Mentions

TruXedo Lo Pro Roll Up Tonneau Cover

  • Signature low profile design of only 3/4 inches
  • Industrial-grade leather grain vinyl material
  • 100% full truck bed access
  • Automatic tension control feature
  • Anodized single trigger latch with easy operation
  • Quick-release for easy removal without any tools
  • Drill-free install; mounts inside the rails of the truck bed
  • Made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Starting price of $499.00

Access Lorado Roll Up Tonneau Cover

  • Patented Autolatch II dual lock system ensures top security
  • Low profile design
  • 100% full bed access
  • Built-in front and rear vinyl seals keep water and other elements out
  • Element Seal waterproof foam gasket for extra protection
  • Premium storage straps secure rolled cover and cab guard design prevents it from hitting against the cab
  • XT-Dial tension adjusters keep the cover tight
  • Easy drill-free install
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Starting price of $472.60

TruXedo Truxport Roll Up Tonneau Cover

  • Very affordable
  • Made of industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl fabric
  • 100% access to the entire truck bed
  • Top mount design with a standard profile of 1.5 inches creates a distinctive style
  • Pre-set tension control
  • Dual latching for added security
  • Easy to install; mounts on top of the truck bed
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Starting price of $309.00

Retractable, hard roll up, flip and hard folding tonneau covers, usually tend to be very expensive. 

This is because they are more secure, have better functionality, and are made of top end materials.

But this is not to say the other budget tonneau covers are not worth considering. 

The covers have their perks like sleek and aerodynamic appearance, lightweight, easy install and removal, weather resistance and much more.

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