Bushwacker Alternatives

jeep wrangler 2005- 2021
OE style fender flare on GMC 2007-2010
OE style fender flare on Ford 2005-2021
BrandBushwackerTrueEdge EGR
Available stylesOE Style
Pocket Style
Boss Pocket Style
Max Coverage
Extended Style
Flat Style
Rivetz Bolt-On Pocket Look
Sportz Factory Style
Factory Look
Bolt-On Look
Rugged Extended Look
ConstructionDura-flex ABS plasticABS plasticABS plastic
CoverageVaries with styleVaries with styleVaries with style
Finishes/ColorStandard black
Pre-painted available for select flares
Can be custom-painted to any color
Standard black
Available pre-painted any color
Standard Black
Matte Black
Pre-painted available for select flares
Can be custom-painted to any color
PricesStarting price at $259.99Starting at $234.00Starting at $203.01
InstallationEasy, no-drill in most casesEasy, no-drill in most casesEasy, no-drill in most cases
WarrantyLifetime 3-years on paint and lifetime on material and workmanshipLifetime
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price Check Price

Bushwacker is the #1 best seller for fender flares.

The brand has a wide variety of styles. They include Pocket/Riveted, OE Style, Flat Style, Extended, Max Coverage and Boss Pocket.

Because of the superior quality material and manufacturing used in Bushwacker and the name recognition, they tend to be a little bit pricier than alternatives.

But what if you want to protect the body of your truck without breaking the bank? Or maybe you just want another brand?

In that case, we have a few other options available for you:

#1: TrueEdge Fender Flares

The #1 alternative to Bushwacker fender flares is TrueEdge.

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Available styles

TrueEdge is available in two distinct styles.

There is the Rivetz that offers a 4×4 Offroad look with deep pockets and stainless steel rivets. And secondly is the sleeker-looking Sportz, which has an OE factory look.

Construction and durability

Both TrueEdge and Bushwacker fender flares are very tough and durable.

Bushwacker flares are constructed using super-tough dura flex ABS plastic material. TrueEdge fender flares are also constructed from ABS plastic but not dura flex.

While both of these can perform almost at the same level, the Dura-Flex in Bushwacker comes with more advantages. It makes the flares more resistant to flex and impact, making them sturdier and more durable.

Rivetz coverage on tire

The coverage depends on the style available and your specific truck. TrueEdge’s riveted style offers extended coverage for larger tires or a more aggressive look.

The Sportz style on the other hand offers minimal additional coverage with a sleeker appearance.

Most people go with the Sportz factory look.

But Bushwacker goes the extra mile. For extra coverage, it has Max Coverage, Cut-Out, Extend-A-Fender, Pocket Style, and Boss Pocket style. For minimal coverage, it has the OE style.


TrueEdge flares are offered in a standard black color, but is easily painted to match any factory truck color.

Most people keep the flares in standard black, but some people want a more custom/sleek look which painted flares offer.

When ordering TrueEdge flares, for an additional paint fee, you can select the color you would like fender flares to be painted.


Both fender flares have an easy installation that requires no drilling in most cases.

The riveted style flares also come with fake stainless steel bolts to add some style and to make the flare look “punched” into the truck.


In terms of price, Bushwacker is generally a little bit pricier than TrueEdge. This is considering all the different styles and the differences in manufacturing and materials. For instance, the Bushwacker pocket style costs roughly $100 more than a TrueEdge Pocket Style. This applies to the other fender flare styles as well.

This is to be expected though since Bushwacker’s manufacturing is top-of-the line, as well as the materials. However, this is not to say TrueEdge’s material is cheap.


Bushwacker’s and TrueEdge’s warranties are almost the same. But there is a slight difference.

TrueEdge only offers a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship.

For the paint, it offers a 3-year warranty. This is unlike Bushwacker that offers a lifetime warranty on the whole package.

#2: EGR Fender Flares

Another alternative you can try out is EGR.

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Available styles

EGR has 3 styles available: Bolt-On, Rugged Look, and Factory/OEM Style.

The Factory Style is the most popular, and makes the truck look like it rolled off the showroom floor with an upgraded trim package.

The Bolt-On look gives the aggressive bolt-on look and comes with stainless steel bolts.

The Rugged Look is very similar to the Bolt-On, except it doesn’t have pockets.

Both the Rugged and Bolt-On are meant for an aggressive look or trucks with large tires.

Construction and durability

When it comes to construction, EGR is similar to TrueEdge but slightly different from Bushwacker.

EGR flares have sturdy ABS plastic construction. This is also very tough and durable, but as mentioned earlier, dura flex comes with more resistance to impact and flex.

EGR rugged coverage on tire

Like with both Bushwacker and TrueEdge, EGR‘s coverage also varies among the styles and your specific truck.

Its Bolt-on Riveted and the smooth Rugged Styles are for larger tires and they offer wider coverage.

The OE style fender flare on the other hand is for the standard tires. The flares offer minimal coverage and a nice sleek and streamlined look.


EGR is available in both standard black and matte black.

Additionally, for select fender flare sets, a color matching option is available.

All standard black sets are also paintable, so you can also bring it to your local body shop to have painted to match.

Most people choose to keep their flares in the standard black, but color matched flares help provide a custom look.


EGR fender flares – in most cases – do not require any drilling during installation. All installation hardware and instructions are provided with every order.


Just like with the case of TrueEdge, Bushwacker also costs a little bit more than EGR. It is because of similar reasons, which is a difference in material type and production. This as well varies among different styles. For instance, the going price of a front and rear set OE style Bushwacker is $469.99.

You can get a similar EGR OE Style set for $313.99. Again, this is not because the material is cheap or of low quality. The difference in price is mainly because of the Dura-Flex feature and differences in manufacturing.


EGR also backs all its flares with limited lifetime warranties. This makes it similar to Bushwacker as far as warranties are concerned.

Bushwacker has the best fender flares in the market, thanks to its premium quality material. But, in case you need something different, you can always consider TrueEdge or EGR.

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