Comparing Access Tonneau Covers: Which One Is For You?

Access tonneau covers are among the best in the market and we’re going to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

Before we get to the details, here’s a quick review of the top three.

  • Access Limited Tonneau is a perfect blend of quality, luxury and convenience 
  • Access Original is a best seller, with a slightly lower price but still with some premium features
  • Access Vanish is best for people on a budget

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Roll Up Tonneau Covers

First, how are they all similar?

Before getting to what makes the Access Roll-Up Tonneau Covers different, let’s quickly skim through some of the features they all share:

  • They are all made of double-coated textured vinyl which is very tough and weather-resistant. 
    It remains flexible even in extreme temperatures, as low as -40 degrees, meaning it will cause no resistance when closing or opening even when in these extreme conditions 
  • The premium aluminum bows, bars, and rails are included with all tonneaus and they provide structure, meaning the cover will not hang or droop inside the bed when installed
  • All of them are reinforced against UV rays
  • None of the covers require extra tools to adjust their tightness
  • They come with model-specific clamps that eliminate the need for drilling
  • They install inside the truck bed rails, leaving access to the stake pockets
  • The installation will take only about 20 minutes

Here are the differences:

Increased capacity designs

Access roll-up covers come in varying capacity limits and various profile designs.

Best: Access Limited Tonneau Cover


  • Is the most premium Access tonneau cover option with a slantback design
  • Has Trailseal tailgate gasket for extra weather protection around the tailgate perimeter


  • Has a starting price of $639.00, which is about $71-$200 more than the other truck bed covers

Do you want convenience, luxury, and security? Access Limited Tonneau Cover is the one for you: it is the most premium option.

Starting with its signature Slantback Rear Design, this roll-up tonneau cover is designed to look good as well as drain water as quickly as possible. 

It is all black: from the bows and rails to the bars. It sits 1.5″ above the truck bed.

The cover rolls over the full length of the truck bed and seals using 1 ½” wide velcro, which is wider than most Access options. With this, closing the cover is as easy as can be.

Its Patented AutoLatch II Dual Locking System automatically latches and locks on both sides the second you close the cover. 

So, roll the cover fully, give it a simple push down, and boom! It’s locked and secure.

The cover’s XT-Dial is the easiest tension adjuster in the market. This means, getting your cover to fit tightly or loosen up will be such a breeze.

Simply turn the dial until you get the fit you want.

Want to drive with the tonneau cover open? The premium storage straps with the cab guard design will secure your rolled cover, while also preventing it from hitting the cab. 

For weather protection, the cover has a seal gasket for extra protection at the front bulkhead.

Now, this is where the difference comes in:

Access Limited Tonneau is the only cover with a Trailseal tailgate gasket that seals gaps around the perimeter of the truck’s tailgate

It is also the only cover that comes with additional accessories like 

  • 18″ AA Battery LED Light that requires no wiring
  • EZ-Retriever II Cargo Reaching tool
  • 2 OZ Cover Care Cleaner

The cover is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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Better: Access Original Tonneau Cover


  • Comes at a slightly lower price but still with some premium features
  • Has the exclusive slantback rear


  • Does not have the extra weather protection 
  • Does not include bonus accessories

The Access Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is second in line and it shares almost all the features with Access Limited.

It has the:

  • Patented AutoLatch II Dual locking system
  • The XT-Dial tension adjuster
  • Slantback Rear Design
  • Premium cab guard design storage straps
  • All black theme
  • Element seal gasket and a 5-year warranty.

It also sits 1 ½” above the truck bed and has a 1 ½” wide velcro. 

The only thing differentiating it from Access Limited and making it better and not best is one, the lack of Trailseal tailgate gasket.

Secondly, the cover has regular clamps instead of the tie-down clamps that help with keeping cargo tied down.

And lastly, it does not come with bonus accessories like the Limited: the LED light, EZ-retriever, and cover cleaner.  

The cover is for you if you want a premium option but at a little lower price. 

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Good: Access LiteRider Tonneau Cover


  • Has the exclusive slantback rear
  • Has a lower price tag than other increased capacity designs


  • Lacks the cab guard design straps so cover might rub against the cab
  • Takes a little longer to lock

Do you love the increased capacity design but don’t want to spend too much? The Access LiteRider may fit you perfectly. 

Besides its lower price, this cover still has some cool features to offer. 

To begin with is the Slantback Rear Design which gives it a distinctive style and allows for easy draining of water whenever it rains.

The cover is also fitted with 1 ½” wide velcro that allows for easy sealing along the lengths of the cover.

Although it lacks the XT-Dial tension adjuster, it has the EZ-Dial, which also keeps your cover tight and snug with no tools. 

The only difference is the XT-Dial is easier to operate.

The cover also features an AutoLatch Locking System with 1 side lock. This will automatically latch, but you will have to push the lock manually.  

Like the first two, the cover sits 1 ½” above the truck bed. It has black rails and bars and silver bows.

The storage straps are also easy to use and securely hold the rolled cover against the cab. 

But, this is not a cab guard design and might rub a little against your cab.

The cover is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.  

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Toolbox edition 

Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover


  • Gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to have a tonneau cover with a traditional toolbox installed


  • Some space is lost in accommodating the toolbox
Rain pouring on an Access Toolbox Tonneau installed on a truck

With most bed covers, you have to choose between having an over-the-rail toolbox or a tonneau cover, but not with this cover.

The cover gives you the chance to protect your cargo, and at the same time have safe storage for your tools. 

It is compatible with most 19″ to 21″ over-the-rail toolboxes.  

Apart from the toolbox, the Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover shares all the features of the Access Original.

The only drawback is, you will lose some space, used to accommodate the toolbox.

Love this type of cover? Check out other toolbox tonneau covers.

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Low profile design

This category is pretty self-explanatory. 

The truck bed covers have really flush low profile designs, ranging only between 1/2″ – 1″ inch above the truck bed.

Most truck owners love these because of how they sit so low over your truck bed and give your truck that sleek and aerodynamic look. 

Best: Access Lorado Tonneau Cover


  • Has the exclusive slantback rear design
  • Has premium features only available with the increased capacity bed covers


  • Not as flush as the other low profile designs

This is the most premium Access low profile design cover. 

What makes it the best low-profile cover is that it shares a lot of features with the increased capacity designs. 

The cover has a lot to offer. But one thing that really stands out is the signature Slantback Rear Design which is only available in the increased capacity bed covers.

As mentioned earlier, this serves two main purposes:

1) During a downpour, the Slantback design will help in draining water off the top of the cover. 

2) The unique design it gives your truck, making it stand out among other trucks.

The Access Lorado Tonneau also comes with a patented AutoLatch™ II Dual Locking System which locks instantaneously on both sides. No manual locking or latching is necessary. 

You will love how easy it is to adjust the cover to maintain a snug fit, thanks to the XT-Dial Tension Adjuster, which, as mentioned earlier, is the easiest to use.

Another premium feature, only common with the increased capacity design but also available in Access Lorado, is the premium storage straps with cab guard design.

These secure your rolled cover while preventing it from rubbing against the cab.

The only drawback is that Lorado is not as flush as the other two low-profile covers. Instead of 0.5″, it is 1″ above the truck bed. 

The difference is not very obvious, but if you are keen on getting a really flush design, then you should consider the next two options.

Headshot of Alan

From Alan, Founder of Partcatalog:

This is our most premium low-profile roll-up cover.

We recommend it to every customer who loves the premium features of the increased capacity designs, including the slant back rear, but wants a lower profile with a slightly smaller price tag

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Better: Access Vanish Roll-Up Cover


  • Extra low profile
  • Comes at a lower price
  • Has the Element Gasket Seal only available in the high end covers for extra weather protection


  • Lacks the slantback rear design, so does not shade water quickly

One thing you will love about the Access Vanish Cover is the extremely low-profile design. With only 0.5 inches above the truck bed, the cover can easily go unnoticed. 

Instead of a slantback like with the Lorado, this cover has a flat rear back. 

True, you might miss on the advantages of the slantback. But this flat design blends in so well with any truck finish, giving it the fit of a factory accessory.

Though it lacks some features like the AutoLatch II Dual Locking System, the slant back, and the premium storage straps, the cover still has some premium features. 

One of them is the XT-Dial tension adjuster. 

As already mentioned, this feature allows easy adjustment of the cover to fit tightly; no tools, just a simple turn of the button. 

The cover also has the Element Seal Gasket which provides additional protection at the front bulkhead.    

To secure your cargo, the cover uses a trigger latch with 2 locks. This is a minor downgrade from the AutoLatch since you will need to lock it manually.

Another minor drawback, the velcro on the Vanish Cover is only 1 inch wide, against the 1.5 inches for the higher price covers.

While this is not a major issue, it makes closing the cover easier.

Also, the cover has black bars and rails, and silver bows. 

It uses 6 clamps for installation and it is backed by a 3-year warranty.

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Good: Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Cover


  • Has a starting price of $260.77, which is cheaper than all the other covers
  • Extra low profile


  • Lacks the slantback rear design, so does not channel water as quickly.

Looking for a low-budget cover that can still keep your cargo safe, maintain good fuel mileage and improve the looks of your vehicle? The Access Tonnosport Roll-Up Cover is your go-to.

Not to say that it is not a good option, but it lacks some of the convenience and luxury that comes with the high-end options.

For instance, instead of the AutoLatch II Dual Locking system, Tonnosport has a trigger latch with 2 side locks. 

The difference is, while the AutoLatch II locks immediately when the cover is closed, the trigger latch requires that you manually lock the cover on both sides after closing it. 

Another difference is the EZ-Dial Tension Adjuster. This will help keep your cover as tight as you want it, only that XT-Dial is a little easier to use.

The cover also comes in a flat rear design instead of the Slantback. 

This has two sides to it; it will not drain water as quickly and easily as the Slantback, but coupled with the 0.5-inch low profile, it will give a seamless and streamlined look.

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Making a Choice Among The Roll Up Covers

Access Limited Access OriginalAccess Lorado Access Literider Access Toolbox Edition Access Vanish Access Tonnosport
Best for you if you:TypeWant increased capacity -Want Increased capacity-Want a low profile -Want increased capacity-Are working on a budget-Want increased capacity-Want a toolbox-Want low profile -Are working on a budget-Want low profile-Are working on a budget
Design-Love slant back rear design-Love slant back rear design-Love slant back rear design-Love a slant back rear design-Love slant back rear design-Love a flat back rear design-Love a flat back rear design
The Extras-Want extra weather protection

-Want extra accessories i.e LED Light, Cargo Retriever, Cover Care Cleaner

-Ready to spend extra to get the best
-Can do without the extra accessories

-Want the premium features without spending too much
-Can do without the extra accessories

-Want the premium features without spending too much
-Can do without the extra accessories

-Are okay with standard features
-Can do without the extra accessories-Can do without the extra accessories

-Okay with standard features
-Can do without the extra accessories

Hard Tonneau Covers

Do you frequent places where your cover can be cut through and your items stolen? Are you okay spending some extra money to ensure this does not happen?

Then the Access hard folding truck bed covers series, Lomax, is designed specifically for you. 

Like all hard folding covers, the Lomax series offers the highest caliber of security and safety.

The tough aluminum panels coupled with the unbreakable dual locking system ensure no one can access the truck bed unless they unlock the tailgate.           

Want to learn more about hard folding covers? Check out our comparison of roll-up and folding covers.

What do all the Access hard tonneau covers have in common

  • They are all made of aluminum panels with waterproof hinges
  • Automatic dual locking system; no manual locking necessary, making them super convenient
  • They sit less than ½” above the truck bed, giving a super seamless look
  • All come in a water-shedding design; no gutters or drains necessary
  • All have 8 clamps for easy installation
  • Backed by 3-year limited warranties

Best: LOMAX® Professional Series


  • Can support 100lbs more than the other two covers


  • Available in only one finish
  • Has a higher weight capacity, therefore, heavier by 10lbs more than the others

When it comes to hard folding tonneau covers, two things matter; strength and security, and this cover checks both boxes.

On top of all the shared features, the Lomax Professional Series stands out in its high weight capacity. 

The cover weighs approximately 60lbs and can support up to 500lbs of evenly distributed weight.

This is more than what the other two hard covers can support. 

It also has an easy on and off design. 

Whenever you need to use the entire truck bed, simply fold the cover, secure the storage clips, pull the latches on the front panel, and disengage hooks by sliding the cover back.

Reinstalling it is just as easy; engage the hooks by sliding the cover forward, then lower to automatically lock in retainment brackets and you are good to go!

The Lomax Professional comes in one finish: a diamond plate.

Better: LOMAX® Stance™ Hardcover | Two Finishes


  • No need to remove the cover for full bed access, thanks to the vertical position design
  • Available in two finishes


  • The vertical position will block the 3rd brake light
  • Weighs same as Lomax Pro but supports 100lbs less
A Lomax Stance Tonneau installed on a truck

Lomax Stance follows in line. Two things that stand out about it are, the vertical position opening and the bungee molded storage brackets.

As mentioned earlier, the Lomax Professional has an easy on and off design to allow for full truck bed usage. 

It’s different with Lomax Stance. 

The cover has a vertical position design, which allows you to completely fold the cover, and hook it on top of the truck cabin, leaving 100% bed access for your large items.

The feature is unique to this cover only.

Also, the cover has bungee molded storage brackets instead of the retractable storage clips in Lomax Pro but this does not create much of a difference.

Lomax Stance is available in two finishes, black urethane, and black diamond.

It weighs 60lbs and can support 400lbs of evenly distributed weight. This is 100lbs less than the Lomax Pro.

Good: LOMAX® Folding Hardcover | Multiple Finishes


  • Available in four different finishes, giving you several options to go with.


  • Supports 100lbs less than Lomax Pro        

This is the budget option for the Access hard truck bed covers. 

So if you want the top security and strength that comes with hard covers but don’t intend to spend much, this will work well for you.     

We love that the cover has several finishes to choose from, that is, matte black, black urethane, black diamond mist, and diamond plate. 

It also has an easy on and off design, like with Lomax Pro, as well as integrated storage clips. 

However, Lomax Pro beats it at weight capacity. Lomax folding cover weighs 50lbs and can only support up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight. 

On the plus side though, the cover is lighter and easier to carry.

Choosing The Best Hard Cover

Lomax ProLomax StanceLomax Folding
Best for you if:Weight-Want extra weight capacity

-Are okay with the extra 10lbs cover weight-Wants a lighter cover
Cover Usage-Intend to remove the cover often-Want full access without removing the cover
-Don’t intend to remove the cover often
-Intend to remove the cover often
Cover finish-Are okay with the diamond plate finishWant a black diamond mist or urethane finish-Want several finishes to choose from