Roll N Lock’s Cargo Manager: Everything You Need to Know

A cargo manager is a storage system that helps you organize your truck space, making it easier to store items and other valuables while providing security. The system consists of rails with cargo cleats mounted inside your truck bed.

The cleats allow you to tie down items, which is helpful when hauling awkwardly shaped equipment that shifts around when driving. The Roll N Lock’s cargo manager keeps valuables in the open truck bed secure and safe.

In this post, I’ll discuss the features of this cargo manager, the truck bed covers that work with it, and more.

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Please keep in mind that this Roll N Lock cargo divider only works with Roll N Lock tonneau covers.

What is a cargo manager?

A cargo manager is an optional accessory to your Roll N Lock tonneau cover. This movable truck bed divider can be positioned every 3 inches along the bed length to contain and manage lightweight items without the need of walking to both truck sides.

The cargo manager is ideal for truck owners looking for a solution that prevents their belongings from shifting in the truck bed. The Roll N Lock bed divider is quickly unlocked by squeezing the operation lever located on the driver’s side.

Once unlocked, it glides effortlessly along the bed to settle securely into position to accommodate different cargo shapes and sizes. Two bungee cords and laterally adjustable tie-offs allow easy securing of multiple object sides.

Additionally, the flip-up functionality allows the cargo manager to rotate 90 degrees, holding it 12 inches above and parallel to the bed floor. This divider is a must-have companion to the Roll N Lock bed covers as it presents the ultimate way to secure valuables safely.

When combined with Roll N Lock retractable bed covers, the combination gives drivers the ability to cover and secure their truck bed contents while preventing cargo from shifting when turning or stopping abruptly.

What are the features of the Roll N Lock cargo manager?

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If you have installed a Roll N Lock retractable tonneau cover on your truck bed, the Roll N Lock cargo divider is the perfect upgrade. This sliding cargo manager allows you to manage your truck bed space while creating compartments that prevent items from moving around while on the road.

Other incredible features include:

  • Multiple locking positions – The cargo divider can be locked in different positions along the cover rails to give you the versatility you need to arrange your items no mater their sizes and shapes. Thanks to the divider’s spring-loaded control levers that allow the divider to be positioned conveniently every 3 inches along the bed.
  • Flip-up functionality – This feature allows the cargo manager to pivot up and out of the way quckily for most loading tasks.
  • Easy removal – It can also be removed quickly and easily for loading larger equipment that cannot slide underneath like appliances.
  • Lightweight and convenient – Weighing only 11 pounds, the divider can be removed effortlessly when you want to use the entire bed space for hauling.
  • Warranty – The Roll N Lock cargo manager is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Top-Selling Roll N Lock tonneau covers

Although Roll N Lock tonneau covers cost a bit more, they are constructed with high-quality materials and have a space-aged designed that protects your items from harsh weather and criminals. It is an impenetrable force that doesn’t buckle under pressure.

These covers are also custom-designed to your exact truck bed for a perfect fit and have durable locks that keep everything secure. Additionally, they close and open on guide tracks to give you wide-open bed access or block out prying eyes and the elements.

The following table shows different Roll N Lock series and their features:



Main Features

All aluminum

  • The patented tailgate locking system that offers maximum security for your items
  • Has a contoured and sleek look that reduces your gas mileage
  • The multi-directional locking system that enhances cargo and cover security
  • The easy clamp-on installation that doesn’t require drilling or truck alteration

Vinyl over aluminum

  • Designed with special technology for super toughness and durability
  • Designed to help you maximize your truck bed space and transport more equipment
  • Flexible, stylish and easy to use retractable tonneau cover
  • The low-profile aerodynamic design

Electric operation

  • Its durable powder-coated aluminum construction that ensures UV and scratch protection
  • The electric motor that retracts and locks at five different positions
  • The patented hinge design that allows for secure and effortless operations
  • Its compact design that minimizes on space

Roll-N-Lock A-series retractable tonneau cover

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The Roll-N-Lock A-series retractable tonneau cover is an important accessory for your truck bed. This UV-protected, stylish and functional cover keeps your gear protected and safe from bad weather and criminals.

Its low-profile design allows for effortless, frictionless closing and opening. Constructed from lightweight and sturdy aluminum, the cover has a compact canister that occupies 7.3 inches in your truck bed.

Additionally, the hidden seams add an elegant style to your truck while the weather-protected keyhole doesn’t take on water or freeze.

This truck bed cover is also weather-tight and ensures your gear bone remains dry even during the coldest seasons and is topped with a rust-resistant powder coat finish for durable good looks.

Roll-N-Lock M-series manual tonneau cover

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The Roll-N-Lock M-series manual tonneau cover has unique features that enable you to secure this bed cover easily with clamps, protecting your valuables faster. Patented aluminum slats that are laminated with premium-grade vinyl look fashionable when closed and retract quietly.

The handle mechanism allows for more useable cargo space as it doesn’t protrude beyond the housing. For sunny climates, Roll N Lock has integrated into the design a finger insulator grip that allows you to hold the handle without burning your fingertips.

For trucks in colder weather conditions, the Roll N Lock’s key slot bed cover prevents water from reaching the lock mechanism and freezing. There’s also the tailgate lock that latches the bed cover to your tailgate directly to keep your items locked securely.

Additionally, its compact canister that’s attached at the front of the truck bed can hold the retracted cover easily out of the way without occupying a lot of space in your bed.

Roll-N-Lock E-series electronic tonneau cover

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The Roll-N-Lock E-series electronic tonneau cover embodies the design and quality characteristics of the M-series with some modifications. From its rugged durability and ultra-compact housing size, patented tailgate locking mechanism, and laminated bed cover to its easy clamp-on installation, the Roll-N-Lock E-series also has the push-button remote control closing and opening functionality.

Using the power of an internally mounted 12-voltages tubular motor and a standard key fob, the E-series bed cover closes and opens in minutes on a full-size short truck bed. Note that all Roll-N-Lock E-series covers come with a remote control cargo light for convenience at night.

The key fob switches the lights off and on with the push of a button while the automatic timer turns it off for you if you forget to shut it off. The E-series covers are also equipped with a tailgate auto-lock which is activated automatically when you close the cover and deactivated when you open the cover.

Additionally, the covers have recessed drain fittings for rapid drainage of the unit housing. You can also convert this cover from electric to manual operation by unlocking it manually using a key when there’s no power.

How to install a Roll N Lock Cargo Manager

Installing a Roll N Lock tonneau cover

While installing the Roll N Lock cargo divider is easy, installation varies by part number. This means each car model has specific installation instructions.

Here’s an example installation guide for the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

Parts list (included with your order):

  • 1 cargo manager gate
  • 2 cargo manager track
  • 1 left side tram plate
  • 1 right side tram plate
  • 1 gusset bracket
  • 2 tram plate stem
  • 2 torx head screw
  • 2 star washer
  • 1 shoulder bolt
  • 1 delrln wheel
  • 1 1/4-20 lock nut
  • 9 10-24 x 1/2 inches truss head screw
  • 1 #10 lock washer
  • 1 #10-24 nut
  • 1 torx key
  • 1 3/16 inches allen wrench
  • 8 threaded tang
  • 1 #6 x 3/8 inches truss head
  • 1 bottom rail extender

Note that it’s optional to snap the bottom rail extender to the bottom of the cargo manager gate. Also, not all models come with the bottom rail extender.

  1. Attach threaded end of stem to left side tram plate. Once you’re done, attach gusset bracket to left side tram plate.
  2. Attach ended thread of stem to right side tram plate. Be sure to key threaded end of stem onto tab.
  3. Slide tram plates onto cargo manager gate.
  4. Attach cargo manager tracks through the unused holes in the Roll N Lock tracks.
  5. Push the track stop pins outward and then maneuver the assembled cargo divider around the back truck bed posts. Once you’re done, rotate the cargo manager and insert the lead wheel into the tracks on each side.
  6. Squeeze the levers and rotate the cargo manager level and key the back wheels into the tracks.
  7. Press the track stop pin inward to prevent the wheels from leaving the track. Next, squeeze the levers to operate the divider back and forth before releasing at the desired location.
  8. Slide the divider backwards to remove the back wheels from the track. Lastly, rotate the divider and key the pins onto the track hooks.

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