Fiberglass Tonneau Cover Options

If you are specifically looking for a fiberglass tonneau cover, you’re probably looking for a cover that is lightweight but still very durable.

But it is not an easy journey if you don’t know the tonneau cover options made from fiberglass.

Read on to identify the features, available tonneau cover options, and benefits of fiberglass tonneau covers. You might find the answers you are looking for as you go through this guide. 

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What Is a Fiberglass Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau covers made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer have two things in common: strong and lightweight. Fiberglass tonneau covers are the ones whose top surfaces are made of fiberglass instead of other material such as aluminum.  

Fiberglass reinforced polymer is a composite plastic that is reinforced or supported with fibers that enhance strength. The reinforced fibers also make fiberglass tonneau covers durable. 

Fiberglass tonneau covers are typically lightweight but not as light as ABS tonneaus. They are lightweight because FRP composites have a low gravitational pull compared to metals such as aluminum. In simple logic, when something has low gravity, it has a low weight. 

Fiberglass tonneau covers are non-corrosive because FRP itself can withstand very strong elements such as acids and high temperatures. Therefore, you can rest assured that your fiberglass tonneau cover will not corrode at the exposure of strong elements including high temperatures.  

Fiberglass tonneau covers also belong to the hard folding type of tonneau covers


  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Non-corrosive
  • Scratch and dent resistance


  • Can be pricier than other tonneau covers

What are the Available Options of Fiberglass Tonneau Covers?

Three fiberglass tonneau covers are available for purchase at PartCatalog: BAKFlip FiberMax, BAKFlip F1, and Extang Encore tonneau covers. 

So, if you are only interested in a BAK tonneau cover, BAKFlip FiberMax and BAKFlip F1 tonneau covers will meet your checklist. But if you want an Extang tonneau cover, then the Extang Encore is your best option. 

BAKFlip F1

BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover

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BAKFlip F1 belongs to the BAKFlip series of BAK tonneau covers. It features a high gloss fiber-reinforced polymer top surface that makes it stylish. This cover is for you if you plan to carry a heavy load on top. 


  • High-gloss FRP top panel
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Tailgate handle lock
  • Weighs 60 Lbs
  • Supports up to 400 Lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • 3rd brake light visibility
  • 5-year warranty


BAKFlip F1 is a hard folding tonneau cover that has a rugged top panel made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP). This makes it UV protected hence does not crack, fade, or warp. The rugged design also makes it impact and weather-resistant so you won’t have to worry about snow, rain, or hail.

It is made of a strong aluminum underside that makes it strong and sturdy. It also has a premium density foam core that makes it withstand up to 400 Lbs of evenly distributed weight. This helps you to carry extra cargo on top of the panel whenever you want to. 

A unique feature of the BAKFlip F1 is the ‘invisibility’ of attachment on the truck bed. This gives it a ‘no-profile’ aerodynamic fit since it fits perfectly and unnoticeably on the truck bed as below:

BAKFlip F1 very low profile design

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BAKFlip F1 does not block the 3rd brake light when open since it can fold beyond 90 degrees. This minimizes wind flow, allowing you to drive hassle-free. 

Installation is straightforward as it is designed to clamp on the truck bed rails. It also has a dual-action tailgate to protect and secure your cargo at all times. 

Being a BAKFlip series tonneau cover, it is compatible with the BAKBox 2 truck toolbox. It has a 5-year warranty on material and workmanship. 

On the downside though, the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is pricier than other BAK folding tonneaus. But considering its unique features and the benefits that come with each of them, the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is a brand to invest in today.  


  • Very strong and durable
  • Carrying capacity of 400 Lbs


  • More pricier than other BAK tonneau covers starting at $1039

Tip: BAKFlip F1 is suitable for you if you are not limited by budget and are looking for an excellent fiberglass tonneau cover option whose features and benefits are worth the cost.

BAKFlip FiberMax

BAKFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover

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The BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau is ideal for customers looking for a fiberglass-reinforced polymer tonneau that is less costly but durable and lightweight. 


  • Fiberglass top panel
  • Made of aluminum
  • Standard foam core with carrying capacity of up to 300Lbs
  • 3rd brake light visibility
  • 3-year warranty


The BAKFlip FiberMax tonneau cover has a FRP top panel that makes it dent and ding resistant. It is cooler to the touch as it is UV resistant. 

The BAKFlip FiberMax is scratch-resistant, and even if you thoroughly scratched it, the black surface underneath the fiberglass top panel would make the scratches less noticeable. This makes your tonneau cover retain its high gloss look. 

It is also made of an aluminum substructure that makes it not only strong but also durable to last long. It has a slam latch system that makes it easy to use. 

Similar to other BAK tonneau covers, it gives you full bed access when it fully folds up. But you can still carry your cargo when you fold it once or twice, depending on what you want to carry.

The BAKFlip FiberMax also allows 3rd brake light visibility when folded in an upright position as below: 

BAK Flip Fibermax folded up

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Unlike the BAKFlip F1, the FiberMax can only support up to 300 Lbs of evenly distributed weight since it has a standard foam core. Thus, it is a good option for you if you don’t often need to carry heavy cargo on top. 

The BAKFlip FiberMax is there for a customer who is on budget and does not necessarily want an all-aluminum tri-fold tonneau cover.  

It is also compatible with the BAKBox 2 truck toolbox and has a 3-year warranty on material and workmanship. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Starting price of $919 which is less costly than BAKFlip F1 


  • Not as strong as BAKFlip F1

Extang Encore

Extang Encore Tonneau Cover

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Extang Encore is the only Extang tonneau cover that features a fiberglass-reinforced polymer top panel. It is a unique tonneau cover in this category since it has both front and rear opening panels. 


  • Fiberglass reinforced top panel
  • Aluminum frame and hinges
  • Matter-black powder coat
  • Front and rear opening panels
  • Self-positioning 
  • 3- year warranty


Extang Encore is a hard folding tonneau cover that allows you to experience the benefits of strong aluminum frames and hinges with fiberglass reinforced top panel.

Similar to BAKFlip FiberMax and BAKFlip F1, the FRP makes it dent, ding, and UV resistant. It also keeps the cover cooler so you don’t have to worry about touching it in hot summer weather. 

Unlike other folding tonneau covers, the Extang Encore allows you to open your cover from either the front or rear section on either side of the bed. This gives you the flexibility of accessing items at the front or rear without interfering with the rest of the cargo in your truck bed.  

The Extang Encore is also self-positioning such that when it is re-attached, the mounting rails position it automatically on the truck bed. This makes it easy to remove and install. It is also self-latching for extra security. 

The Extang Encore is a good option for a customer looking for a versatile fiberglass tonneau cover that is also economical. 

It can withstand up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

It is backed by a 3-year warranty on material and workmanship. 


  • Self-positioning 
  • Front and rear opening panels


  • Is pricier than other Extang folding tonneau covers

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Did you know? Extang EnCore tonneau cover is the only fiberglass tonneau cover by Extang. It also features front and rear opening panels.

What are the Benefits of Fiberglass Tonneau Covers?

Fiberglass tonneau covers feature benefits common in all tonneau covers such as keeping your cargo secure from thieves and elements, improving fuel economy, and improving your truck’s looks.

But there are some benefits that are specific to fiberglass truck bed covers that should give you every reason to buy one today. These benefits include:

They are Lightweight

Fiberglass reinforced polymer is a light composite which also makes the tonneau covers lightweight. A lightweight tonneau cover makes installation a breeze since you will not worry about lifting a heavy tonneau cover if you are alone.

They weigh between 50 lbs to 100 lbs, which is lighter than their aluminum counterparts. 

They are Dent, Ding, and UV Resistant

Fiberglass reinforced polymer is structurally stiff and non-corrosive. This makes the tonneau covers dent and ding resistant.

They are also UV resistant because FRP in itself can withstand extreme heat without warps or cracks. 

Your truck bed cover will retain its new look if you buy a fiberglass tonneau cover. 

They are Stylish

Style meets function and quality with a fiberglass tonneau cover. From a matte black finish in an Extang EnCore to a high gloss textured finish in a BAKFlip F1, your vehicle will have the classy look it deserves. 

Want a Quick Overview?

The table below compares and summarizes the key features of BAKFlip F1, BAKFlip FiberMax, and Extang Encore truck bed covers to help you decide which one is good for your truck. 

Product specificationBAKFlip F1BAKFlip FiberMaxExtang EnCore
Cover styleHard foldingHard foldingHard folding
Top surface panelFiberglassFiberglassFiberglass
Frame materialFiber-coatedAluminumAluminum
Tonneau finishBlack gloss texturedBlack texturedMatte black
UV ResistancePremiumPremiumPremium
Dent and scratch resistancePremiumStandardStandard
TailgateDual-action tailgate sealTailgate handle lockTailgate handle lock
Latch systemSlam latchSlam latchSlam latch
Truck accessoriesBAKBox 2BAKBox 2Extang toolbox
Weight55 lbs55 lbs60 lbs
Weight capacity400 lbs300 lbs300 lbs
Warranty5 Years3 Years3 Years
Starting price$1039$919$959
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

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