4 Benefits of a WeatherTech Floor Liner for Your Ford

Did you know that as of 2021, the Ford F series has been the best-selling vehicle in America for 40 years straight?

Ford boasts of manufacturing vehicles made from military-grade aluminum alloy with high-strength steel frame giving it excellent resale value. 

The Ford’s unique design is eye-catching and masculine, making it a great vehicle to own.

Your Ford’s floor needs to match the superior look of the interior design. 

What better way to achieve this than using WeatherTech floor liners?

You might already have floor mats, and wonder why you would need floor liners instead.

The table below gives you a quick look at the differences between carpeted floor mats and floor liners.

Floor mats Floor Liners
More flexible and malleable Firm and grips the surface
May not adhere to the exact measurements of your interior design Neatly follows the exact dimensions of your interior surface
Less likely rubberized Rubberized with teeth-like protrusions to anchor them securely

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WeatherTech floor liners are the best choice to complete the interior look of your Ford and give you the aesthetic and protection you’re looking for. Liners will also help protect the resale value of your vehicle by keeping it in great shape.

You may be wondering, why WeatherTech? 

Today we’ll provide you with four benefits of WeatherTech floor liners and cover why you should consider them for your Ford.

WeatherTech floorliner accurately measured and wear resistant

Let’s get to it.

Benefit #1: High-Density Durable Material

WeatherTech manufacturers use High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material to make their floor liners. HDTE rigid core works well at strengthening the liner, giving a tactile feel and offering surface friction to the carpet.

Tri-extrusion means the manufacturing process uses three different high-density core materials. The three raw materials are mixed and passed through a machine that compresses them to give the liner a tough finish. The Tri-extrusion process gives floor liners:

  • Strength 
  • Wear-resistance
  • Oxygen permeability 
  • Stiffness

WeatherTech engineers use a floor liner mold with the exact measurements of your Ford as part of the detailed manufacturing process. The heated HDTE is pressed on the mold to give it a heavy-duty and high-quality finish.

Floorliner incorporates features better than factory mats

Other features of HDTE that make it the best material for floor liners are:

  • Easily enables 3D printing
  • Soft and durable
  • Doesn’t curl, crack, or break down due to extreme temperatures
  • Latex and PVC-free

WeatherTech floor mats, on the other hand, use advanced thermoplastic elastomer that gives it a durable plastic and rubbery finish but lacks the feature of gripping the whole interior floor of your Ford.

Their floor liners perfectly fit your Ford’s entire floor without leaving rough edges or loose hanging parts. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install the WeatherTech liner:

Benefit #2: Absolute Interior Protection

Your Ford’s floor receives the most dirt and could easily damage your vehicle’s magnificent interior design. The nasty debris your shoes track onto your factory mats accumulates and can cause permanent damage despite cleaning.  

Such debris that can stain or cause damage your car include:

  • Salt
  • Snow
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Fluids

When using universal floor mats, some areas, such as the sides and corners, can hide harmful debris.

A Ford WeatherTech floor liner gives you the most advanced floor protection because it completely lines your vehicle’s footwell. 

WeatherTech uses digital laser measurements to produce floor liners that incorporate trim lines neatly covering your Ford’s front, side, corner, and back flooring, including the passenger side.

Interior mats giving a superior look to the second row while being virtually odorless

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The laser-measured WeatherTech liner is manufactured using a 3D laser scanner with a sensor that records the distance between the interior surfaces. 

The laser takes these measurements and puts them in a point cloud as a 3D virtual representation of your Ford’s floor. The virtual liner is reconstructed and made to a digitalfit floor liner.

Here’s what a customer had to say about her new 3D floor liners.

Quality Product!

I always purchase WeatherTech floor liners for my vehicles because they’re the best! The new 3D design is even better with regards to fit and protection than the previous floor liner. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you, WeatherTech!

Benefit #3: Easy to Clean and Maintain

WeatherTech floorliners remains flexible and easy to clean

WeatherTech liners are easy to clean because the material used is waterproof, doesn’t absorb moisture, resist staining, and holds dirt loosely. 

It’s the perfect floor liner to have if you’re in a hurry and notice you’ve accumulated debris from the previous day’s events. Within minutes you can use a soft brush to sweep loose dirt and a damp cloth to wipe up spilled fluid. 

The floor liners are easy to clean even when they require a thorough cleaning. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the liners and shake well.
  • Step 2: Use a hose pipe or pressure washer to remove loose dirt.
  • Step 3: Soak for a few minutes in water if there is dried fluid or food stuck to the liner. 
  • Step 4: Scrub with a cloth or a soft bristle brush using a mild soap.
  • Step 5: Rinse using a hose or pressure washer.
  • Step 6: Air-dry or completely towel-dry before reinstalling.

Expert Tip: Do not use silicon-based agents for cleaning. It causes the floor liners to become slippery even when dry. Use mild laundry or dish soap for your routine maintenance.

Interior surfaces offer proprietary custom blended TPO

Even with a durable WeatherTech floor liner, frequent washing for months or years may give your floor liners a dull look. 

WeatherTech has custom-engineered a specially formulated TechCare cleaner and protector kit that will ensure you maintain the liner’s original finish.

TechCare Cleaner removes dirt, scuff marks, and stains without altering the quality and finish of the floor liner. The protector gives an appealing, long-lasting coating that resists destructive staining and scratch marks.

Benefit #4: Advanced Surfacing Design

Have you ever spilled coffee or soda on your floor mat while in a hurry? You probably had to stop to wipe it dry because it’d either soak the floor mat and leave a foul smell or travel to the sides and risk ruining your Ford’s factory mat. 

Weathertech liners have advanced surfacing channels that:

  • Carry fluids to a lower reservoir which helps minimize fluid movement while driving.
  • Whisk fluids away from your shoes and clothing.
  • Leaves the floor liner material odorless by keeping the fluid in the lower reservoir containment.
Advanced surfacing creates channels without using harmful pvc’s

WeatherTech floor liners have raised lips designed specifically to go over your foot well’s edges, preventing moisture and tiny debris from going underneath. 

The raised contours also work as a tray which keeps fluid from spilling over while lifting the liner to pour the fluids out.

Angie is reaping the benefits of her floor liners as described in her review. 

I love these floor liners! I cannot imagine what my floors would look or smell like if I didn’t have these; YUCK! The amount of debris (both sand/mud), snow, and wet that my floors are protected from is amazing. We’re ordering our second set for a vehicle we just purchased, a Dodge Caliber!

As you clean, you can choose not to remove the whole liner. You have the option of pouring the fluids and residue over the door sill as well. 

Ford WeatherTech floor liners are made to fit flush or to cover the door sill when your Ford’s sill is at the same level as the floor. If your Ford’s floor is slightly lower, the floor liner can still extend to the sill without covering it completely. 

The interior surface door sill feature lets you clear out fluids and debris without removing your floor liner.

weather protection meet the most advanced concept

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are WeatherTech floor mats similar to their floor liners?

In terms of functionality, yes. Structurally, WeatherTech mats are universal and more flexible than their floor liners. The floor mats are generally flat, while the floor liners are custom-fit to take the shape of your vehicle’s floor. 

At PartCatalog, we have floor liners that fit perfectly without interfering with the floor’s original design.

Can I use floor liners as all-weather floor mats?

Yes, they’re the perfect fit for use in extreme weather conditions. WeatherTech’s high-density material leaves room for expansion during high temperatures and contracts without losing shape or quality.

Note: you should not use two sets of floor mats or liners at the same time. This can cause a safety issue. Only install 1 set of floor liners or floor mats at one time, it should be installed on top of your bare factory flooring.

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